Andrew Luck Both these teams are playing for a chance at a wild card slot because the only way they catch the Texans is if Houston starts giving up.

The Colts delivered a haymaker that knocked Tennessee down but not out after winning the game in overtime.

The Colts are over .500 and Andrew Luck has one more win in his rookie campaign than Peyton Manning had in his. 

The Titans had their third straight win ripped away from them and continue to look lost.

There wasn’t much takeaway from the game but these are the five things we learned.

1. Andrew Luck is way beyond his years

Eli Manning better watch out because there could be a new comeback kid. Luck has been able to do what few quarterbacks, let alone rookie quarterbacks, can do; lead his team back to victory late in the game. He engineered two 80-yard drives on the road. One to tie the game and send it to overtime, the other to win the game.

The Texans better enjoy the way they seem to be winning the AFC South this year because this Colts team hasn’t taken long to rebuild and with Luck at the helm fully expect them to be a player maybe as early as this year’s playoffs.

2. Chris Johnson still has some gas in the tank

His 99-yard rushing yard performance may make some people who traded or even dropped CJ in fantasy football a little frustrated. He seem to have gotten back some of his explosiveness which had been missing quite a while.

If he is able to sustain these high yardage performances he could regain his spot as a top 5 guy, especially with lackluster performances at the back position around the league.

3. Reggie Wayne is the league’s top receiver

That 15,000 career yard mark is looking pretty attainable from where Reggie is sitting. Age and a rookie quarterback made a lot of people count out Mr. Wayne. Reggie has shown that he is capable of still being the leagues best.

He only has two touchdown receptions on the year, but his worst performance came when he caught six passes for 71 yards against a Minnesota team that has surprised many.

4. Mike Munchack is a horrible coach

When you have a guy who has shown he is capable of hitting a 60-yard field goal and keep him from going for the win at 57 yards, with the wind helping him by the way, that shows you don’t have what it takes to coach in the NFL.

Especially when your team blows a late lead at home and can’t get a stop in overtime against a division rival. To quote the great Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

5. The Colts do have a running game

Who knew? Another perceived weakness of the Colts during the offseason has shown itself capable of running with the big boys. Donald Brown and Vick Ballard combined for 155 yards on the ground making a pretty good combination compared to any other running back duo.

Maybe it is Luck playing at a high level, or the backs being better than what they are credited for, or maybe it’s both. Did I mention the Texans should keep their eyes on the rear view as they continue to drive away in the AFC?