Sometimes Las Vegas gets it completely wrong. Right now, as of the typing of this article, the New York Jets are favored by three points over the Indianapolis Colts in the upcoming clash at the New Meadowlands.

Then again, point spreads are usually indicative of "betting trends". Leading me to believe that Vegas, in its infinite wisdom, expects people to put their hard-earned, recession-riddled cash down on New York emerging victorious from this game.

I have a problem with this.

This game should be closer to a "pick 'em", a situation where nobody really knows who's winning this game. I, however, am going to give it my best shot here. There's a multitude of variables to consider in Sunday's game.

Here then, are my three predictions:

1: Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Reverts To His Old Self, Goes "All In To Win"....

When Rex Ryan first became head coach of the New York Jets, he had a big mouth. I liked that, and respected the hell out of it. With that said, should Sanchez falter, in a home game the Jets MUST WIN if they have any playoff hopes, with the loud New York fans screaming and chanting to the effect of "WE WANT TEBOW!" Tebow comes into the game at some point in relief of Mark Sanchez.

Tim Tebow has all of TWO PASS ATEMPTS this entire season. I don't care about the critics who say Tebow can't throw the ball, I'll gladly paraphrase ESPN's Skip Bayless here, TIM TEBOW KNOWS HOW TO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES. If Rex Ryan wants to be the Jets head coach in 2013, he'll put Tebow in at quarterback. Nothing else has worked for the Jets thus far, so why not?


2: Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck Turns It Over Several Times

I like this kid, don't get me wrong, but I'll go all cliche here by saying, "He hasn't played anybody yet!" Or perhaps to clarify, he hasn't beaten anybody yet.

No, the Packers don't count. The Green Bay pass defense has been atrocious for years. Rex Ryan is a defensive coach, he sculpted masterpieces while coaching the Baltimore Ravens defense. Darelle Revis is out? You know what, that may in fact be a good thing, as it gives the Jets defense a rallying cry. They're out to prove that while Revis is a major cog in their defensive scheme, they've been hearing nothing else except "Without Revis, the Jets season is over."

Says who? Not this writer.


3: The New York Jets, Led By Tim Tebow, Defeat the Colts 32-24.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN IMPRESSED BY MARK SANCHEZ. When former USC and current Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll warned Sanchez about the success rate, or lack thereof, of quarterbacks who left school early to enter the NFL, I was totally on board. Sanchez basically became the Trojans' starting quarterback because John David Booty graduated and got drafted. USC didn't have a better option, and being overloaded with offensive talent, figured, "Hey, it can't hurt."

Sanchez needs to be surrounded by top tier talent in order to succeed. The New York Jets are very much NOT top tier talent offensively. Tim Tebow makes the players around him play better.

It is one of those "intangibles", an "X Factor". TIM TEBOW WINS WHEREVER HE GOES. Rex Ryan would be smart to take that to heart, plug Tebow into the offense, then sit back and watch.

Seriously, Rex, WISE UP ALREADY! Your team, your city and your fans need it!

WITH TEBOW: Jets win.

WITHOUT TEBOW: Get the punting unit warmed up.