LuckWe have a shootout on our hands ladies and gentlemen. Tom Brady vs. Andrew Luck. The New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Old (relatively) vs. Young.

The Patriots are coming off a bye week while the Colts are coming off their amazing comeback win against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round.

Who will win this week? Here are some bold predictions for Saturday night's game in Foxborough.

No.1: Julian Edelman and T.Y. Hilton will both top 200 receiving yards.

Both teams are very average at defending the pass, the Colts rank 13th in yards allowed per game and the Patriots are 17th. That opens the door for both team's current No. 1 receiver to do some damage. Who would have thought that Julian Edelman would be the Patriots' most productive receiver this season? He recorded 1,056 yards this year, more than his previous four seasons COMBINED. Hilton in just his second year in the league has topped 1,000 yards this season, benefitting from the injury to Reggie Wayne.

No. 2: Andrew Luck will outperform Tom Brady.

The apprentice will top the master in a Star Wars-like fashion, just with less hands being cut off.

Luck may have had a down year in yards compared to his rookie season, but in every other area he has improved. He halved his interceptions going from 18 to just nine, his completion rate is up from 54.1 percent to 60.2 percent, only 0.3 percent lower than Brady's. Luck is fast becoming one of the most valuable players in the league, when you combine his age with his talent and size, there aren't many other players in the league who can stand up to that level.

Luck, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton will be the best players in the league come five years from now.

No. 3: More points will be scored in the 4th quarter than the rest of the game combined.

Both quarterbacks have gained a reputation for being clutch (or anti-Romo) in the fourth quarter, Luck was recently compared to Michael Jordan by Colts GM Ryan Grigson for his ability to step up and perform in late-game situations. So I can imagine that the game will explode in the last 15 minutes.

My prediction for the final score: 38-36 to the Patriots. As much as I want to give it to the Colts, I can't bet against Brady, how many times has he done this in the past? 

Expect one controversial call to go the Patriots' way too.

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