The Colts: a former AAFC franchise running out of Baltimore that took over for the defunct Dallas Texans in 1953.

In the succeeding 60 years, they have had a history with moments both iconic and iconoclastic.

1958: Beating the NY Giants 23-17 in the first overtime championship game and capturing the public's imagination.

1968: Super Bowl III; Joe Namath; that guarantee.

1983: John Elway - "I'd rather play baseball than play football as a Colt!"

1984: Goodbye Baltimore, hello Indianapolis!

2007: Peyton Manning removes a rather large Super Bowl-sized monkey from his back.

Obviously, not all of these moments were historic, at least in the positive sense, but some were great.

With great moments come great protagonists, so here are three players and one coach who stand head and shoulders above the rest. Apologies to all who were great, but not great enough.