It is hard to call a team overrated that went 2-14 last year. This same team which won the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes has experienced a significant overhaul.

It has a new GM, Ryan Grigson, a new offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, and a new coach, Chuck Pagano.

Of the 90 players who reported to Colts training camp, 60 are in their first camp.

Twenty-six players are rookies.  And 41 percent of those on the roster have never played an NFL regular-season game. 

Don't let your fantasy team fall for the hype. Stay away from the overrated and over-hyped. 


Reggie Wayne

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne amassed 960 yards and four touchdowns last year on an abysmal team.

It remains to be seen if this year's Colts can muster up more than two wins. But this year Wayne is playing with a rookie quarterback, a new head coach, and a new offensive coordinator.

Reports are Wayne, who has lined up split wide left for the majority of his career, is now learning the slot and also shifting to the right side. 

So Wayne is learning a new scheme with a new quarterback. Saying Wayne is overrated is not saying he will not be a productive receiver. But this year for your fantasy football draft Wayne will not be your guy. He is at best a No. 4 or 5 receiver. The pool is deep and Wayne will be treading water for awhile. 

Andrew Luck
Last year there was the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes. A consensus No. 1 pick before his senior year in college, Luck has a lot to live up to. Luck won't suck but he can't possibly live up to the hype. Nor will they be able to fill the ginormous shoes he is replacing in year one. If you are in a dynasty league, Luck is your man. 

But in traditional leagues he looks to be a waiver wire pick-up. Can he and Coby Fleener be the Dalton-Green rookie hook-up of 2012?  There are alot more interchangeable pieces within the Colts' organization. It will take a lot more than Luck for all the pieces to fall into place this year. 


Antoine Bethea

For everyone in an IDP league do not sleep on free safety Antoine Bethea. Both the Colts' offense and defense were very bad last year. The defense allowed 430 points. Opponents ran for 2,303 yards against the Colts. Yet, there were some bright shining stars on the defensive side. Bethea shined. 

He has not missed a game since the 2007 season. In 2011 he made 139 tackles. In six seasons, Bethea has recorded 596 tackles. Bethea has also picked off 12 passes while batting down 33 more and forcing five fumbles. Yes, we want our safeties to have less tackles and more interceptions, but that does not make his output any less impressive.   

Now the Colts are discarding the Tampa 2 defensive system and going with a new 3-4 hybrid system. The will require the defense to be bigger. This means those up front will be counted on to stop the run. This allows Bethea to concentrate on interceptions. Last year the Colts tied Minnesota for league low eight interceptions. This year the Colts will double that number and Bethea will be leading the pack. 

Coby Fleener
Big tight ends with wide receiver speed and big hands are a sexy pick right now. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Coby Fleener. The Stanford rookie was the overall 34th pick for the Colts. Fleener stands 6'6" and weighs in at 247 pounds. 

He runs a 4.52 40-yard dash. He doesn't block but that is not where your fantasy points come. He is an able route-runner with speed. During his collegiate career he was a favorite red zone target for first round pick Luck. There is no reason to believe things will change.

There is nothing quite so comfortable for a rookie quarterback than a large target. Combine that with a target he is already comfortable with and you have lots of looks for Fleener. While it may not equal a fantasy boom for Luck it will equal fantasy dream numbers for you with Fleener.