What a crazy Sunday Night Football game!  It looked like the Texans were about to walk away with an easy victory until Indianapolis doubled their efforts and came back from an 18 point deficit.  Let’s see what we learned from that comeback victory:

Don't Count the Colts Out - It sure looked grim, as many likely turned off their televisions to get an early night's sleep.  

However, like all good teams, the Colts found a way to win.  Indianapolis was able to overcome (a) bad officiating (b) numerous dropped passes (c) a career game by Andre Johnson and (d) stellar performance by Case Keenum to comeback from 24-6 and score three touchdowns. Indianapolis’ coach Chuck Pagano said that these Colts have "hearts of lions" and indeed, performances such as the one on Sunday night will help carry this squad for a deep playoff run.

Texans’ Playoff Chances Are Likely Done – Only the Cincinnati Bengals have made the playoffs after going 2-6 to start the season.  Texans were on fire in the first half and with an 18 point lead at home and appeared to have little chance of blowing it.

Unfortunately, the 2013 Texans are not the same breed as the Texans of 2011-2012 and couldn’t maintain the lead (although the unfortunate hospitalization of Gary Kubiak during halftime did not help things either). So, with a crushing home loss against a divisional foe, the Texans appear to be foreclosed from winning the AFC South, and have a slim chance of even securing a wild-card berth.  Don't expect the Texans to win out the next 8 games which include matchups against the Patriots, Broncos and Colts (away). 

Case Keenum is Not That Bad - Probably an understatement as his stat-line from Sunday night was: 58.8% completion percentage, 350 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and a 123.4 passer rating. Yeah, looks pretty good.  Keenum is a hometown hero, playing four seasons at the University of Houston and was slinging the ball like he was trying out for a reboot of Friday Night Lights. Although this loss may have ruined the Texans chances of a playoff run, the good news is that Keenum should become the Texans' quarterback of the future. 

The Colts are Really Missing Reggie Wayne - Reggie Wayne suffered a non-contact injury against the Broncos in week 7.  That resulted in an ACL tear resulting in season ending surgery.  Many were concerned how Indianapolis would handle this crushing loss, and indeed, through the first half of Sunday night, Andrew Luck appeared flustered and confused: throwing for only 56 yards, completing three of 12 passes, and only converting a hand-full of first downs. For most of the game, the Colts appeared to be missing that dependable receiver for third down conversions. Hopefully this win will help solidify the offense going forward, otherwise Luck will have to come up with creative ways of moving the chains.

Andre Johnson Fantasy Owners Feel Quite Smart - For those worried owners that Andre Johnson had lost his mojo and would never find the endzone, Case Keenum has alleviated that concern.  Keenum seemed to target Andre Johnson on almost every down and he was able finish the evening with 9 receptions, 229 yards and 3 TDs (enough to help me win my fantasy matchup!!!).  With Keenum, Andrew Johnson looks back to his original All-Pro form, one of the few good pieces of news from Sunday night.