WernerThe grading is based off the players’ impact for the Colts this season. Players that were cut and received little playing time received an F.  

1st Round – Bjoern Werner – Defensive End – Florida State

Bjoern Werner is an interesting nut to crack. No one expected him to blow the roof off the place thanks to the signing of Erik Walden, but Werner did see his fair share of snaps as a rotational pass rushing outside linebacker.

Werner did not have a huge impact this season, and it’s disappointing considering the fact that he was picked in the 1st round.

You expect a lot more from guys like that. He’s still raw, and will only get better in time, but he was disappointing this season, and needs to improve next season to shut up the doubters. 

Grade: C- 

3rd Round – Hugh Thornton – Offensive Guard – Illinois

Thornton, despite the inconsistency, was surprising mediocre this season. He was not expected to get too much playing time, especially with the signing of Donald Thomas, but when Thomas went down due to injury, it was Thornton’s time to shine.

Thornton had some horrendous games this year, but he also had some games where he looked like a future starter in this league. He definitely had a bigger impact than the guys under him, and was the most impactful player in this year’s draft class. 

Grade: C 

4th Round – Khaled Holmes – Center / Offensive Guard – USC

Holmes was a big disappointment this season. It says something when you have one of the worst offensive lines in the league, led by an atrocious interior line, but still, the coaches decide to sign players to play over you. Holmes was simply not ready this season. He played on only a handful of plays, and was completely useless this season. He’ll still be on the team going into training camp next season, but he’ll need to have a major improvement to make the roster. 

Grade: F 

5th Round – Montori Hughes – Nose Tackle – University of Tennessee at Martin

Hughes is still on the team, and has some promise going forward, but grading this year and this year only, he did not see the field much, or even at all. He was injured for a good part of the season and when healthy, he very rarely saw the field. Hughes has potential in the future, but this year he was completely useless.  

Grade: F 

6th Round – John Boyett – Safety – Oregon

Boyett was my least favorite pick in the draft when it happened, and it’s still my least favorite. Boyett was injury riddled early on and barely even participated in training camp, before having a drunken stupor involving the phrase “you can’t arrest me, I’m a Colt”. He was released the next day. Impact: useless. 

Grade: F 

7th Round – Kerwynn Williams – Running Back – Utah State

Williams showed a lot of promise as a potential 3rd down running back, but after being cut and resigned to the team a few times, the team finally let go of him for good, deeming his impact worthless. Williams did not live up to his expectations and he had no impact on the Colts. 

Grade: F 

7th Round – Justice Cunningham – Tight End – South Carolina

Cunningham did almost nothing this season with the Colts. He did record a catch, but played for only 14 snaps this year and had no impact for the Colts, in a season where they needed someone else to step up with Dwayne Allen hurt. Cunningham joins the rest with an F. 

Grade: F  

Overall Grade

You can’t kill it every season. Last year’s draft class was one of the best I’ve ever seen. This year’s class was definitely not near that class and was a disappointment. Of the 7 players that were drafted, only four remain on the team, with only two receiving more than 100 snaps. Thornton had by far the most snaps with 864, and Werner came in 2nd with 312 snaps. Compared to the other teams’ classes, the Colts were one of the worst. This draft class had a bad start. 

Grade: D+