The Indianapolis Colts began the offseason by cutting their storied franchise quarterback and clearing out the high earners; this is what they did to replace them.

Round 1 - Pick No. 1 - Andrew Luck - QB - Stanford

The best player in the draft was selected first, just the way it should be. Luck has all the potential and expectancy in the world to become the Colts' leader and signal caller for years to come. He has the arm, intelligence, mental and physical toughness to take over the mantle from legendary quarterback Peyton Manning.

Round 2 - Pick No. 34 - Coby Fleener - TE - Stanford

When you have a rookie quarterback that you have just invested millions and many years into, why not make him feel comfortable from the first day of camp by drafting his college go-to man? Fleener was the best tight end in the Draft and he will be invaluable to Indianapolis' offense for years to come. Watch out for some big numbers from this guy.

Round 3 - Pick No. 64 - Dwayne Allen - TE - Clemson

The New England Patriots have Gronkowski and Hernandez; the Colts have Fleener and now, Allen. Indianapolis wasn't happy with only drafting the top tight end, they had to go and draft the second best guy in that position. Allen isn't as fast as Fleener but he is another weapon for Luck to play with. Run blocking could be a problem according to experts.
Round 3 - Pick No. 92 - T.Y. Hilton - WR - Florida International

The Colts continued to give Andrew Luck legitimate weapons with the addition of wide receiver T.Y. Hilton from Florida International. Hilton's drafting could be rewarded in the return game on special teams, something which has been lacking in recent years at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Round 5 - Pick No. 136 - Josh Chapman - NT - Alabama

Under new head coach Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis will adopt a change in defensive philosophy by switching to a 3-4 set up. A  vital part of any three-man front is a disruptive presence in the middle and that is exactly what Josh Chapman will bring. The Colts were very excited to see Chapman on the board in the fifth round that it was a no-brainer for them. He won't stand out but he will get the job done and free up the linebackers to make the plays.

Round 5 - Pick No. 170 - Vick Ballard - RB - Mississippi St

The Colts have been left short in almost every position after a complete clear out which also left them short in the backfield, Ballard will significantly improve what they already have, (which isn't much). Ballard rushed for over 1,000 yards in a defence dominated SEC which is testament to his power running skills.

Round 6 - Pick No. 206 - LaVon Brazill - WR - Ohio

Continuing with the offensive theme, Indianapolis selects another wide receiver in Ohio's LaVon Brazill. Clocking a 4.45 seconds at the Combine cemented this deep threat as a draftable guy and the Colts saw enough in him to draft him in the final rounds. Possible game changer on special teams.

Round 7 - Pick No. 208 - Justin Anderson - T - Georgia

Anderson has the size at 6'4" and 335 pounds to compete with the offensive line that Indianapolis already possess. If he is to earn a place on the roster he will have to display the run blocking skills that earned him much praise in Georgia.

Round 7 - Pick No. 214 - Tim Fugger - DE - Vanderbilt

Fugger was the Colts' second and final defensive selection of the Draft and for the time being will have to settle for a spot on special teams, should he shine there, a place at outside linebacker in Pagano's 3-4 defense is a possibility.

Round 7 - Pick No. 253 - Chandler Harnish - QB - Northern Illinois

The Colts began the Draft with the first selection and got their starting quarterback. The Colts finished the Draft with 'Mr Irrelevant' and got their backup quarterback. Harnish is an athletic kid who could add another dimension to the Colts' offense if and when called upon. Think of Tebow in New York without all the attention and crazy coach, in fact forget it.

Overall 2012 NFL Draft Grade