When it comes to finding superstar talent in the draft the Indianapolis Colts are amongst the best in the business. Over the years they have drafted some of the greatest players ever to grace the football field. Colts superstars included Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison. More recently they have struck gold with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Despite their undeniable success the Colts have made their fair share of mistakes. Below are the five worst draft picks in franchise history, which left coaches scratching their heads wondering what they had done.

No. 5: Tony Ugoh – 2007 – 42nd Pick.

Ugoh was thrust into the Colts starting line-up sooner than expected, following the shock retirement of pro bowler Tarik Glenn.  From the start many critics believed Ugoh lacked the toughness to be a star in the NFL.  Ugoh struggled and mistakes became common place, things got so bad he was replaced by the Colts sixth round draft pick, Charlie Johnson. To make matters worse Johnson was a guard who was moved to tackle.  The signing of Ugoh is made worse by the fact the Colts traded away their first round pick in 2008 in order to obtain his services, which at best can be described as poor.

No. 4: Donald Brown – 2009 – 27th Pick.

Coming out of college Brown was considered one of the top running backs available in the 2009 draft.  By no means has Brown’s pro career been a disaster, but he has failed to live up to his first round potential. In his five seasons with the Colts Brown never topped more than 645 yards rushing and he managed to find the end zone just 17 times. At best Brown is a reliable back up, but not the superstar the Colts envisioned. Following the 2013 season Brown agreed a three - year deal with the San Diego Chargers.

No. 3: Anthony Gonzalez – 2007 – 32nd Pick.

Gonzalez’s pro football career with the Colts got off to a solid start. In his first two seasons Gonzalez caught 94 passes for 1240 yards and 7 touchdowns.  At the start of the 2009 season Gonzalez was named as one of the Colts starting receivers, however, during the opening game of the new campaign he injured his right knee which resulted in him being placed on injured reserve.  Following this injury Gonzalez failed to regain his earlier form, in 2010 he caught just 5 passes for 67 yards. Things got even worse in 2011, appearing in eight games Gonzalez failed to register a single catch. He was subsequently released by the Colts and has been out of football ever since.

No. 2: Trev Alberts – 1994 – 5th Pick. 

Alberts’ pro football career can be best described as pathetic. During his three seasons with the Colts, he was plagued by injuries which meant he started just seven games. His on the field impact was limited; over the course of his career he registered just 69 tackles and 4 sacks. His production resembles that of a fifth round pick, not the fifth overall pick.

No. 1: Jeff George – 1990 – 1st Pick.

Being the first overall pick adds pressure to an already pressured job and unfortunately for the Colts George could not handle the pressure. The hometown boy struggled for consistency during his career, often throwing more interceptions than touchdowns. George lands the No. 1 stop on the list of the worst draft picks in Colts franchise history as he was at the helm when the Colts suffered their worst ever season. A season which saw the Colts finish a dismal 1 – 15. In his four seasons with the team, the Colts lost 35 of the 49 games George started. Following the 1993 season he was traded to the Atlanta Falcons, where he became a football journeyman, retiring in 2004.