Reggie WayneThe Colts kick off the regular season at home against the perpetually underwhelming Oakland Raiders. 

If it seems like only yesterday the Raiders were one of  the golden franchises in the NFL, there’s a good chance you’re a lot older than you thought.

The Colts should be able to start the season off with a win -- unless Sebastian Janikowski starts kicking 75-yard field goals.

Colts 38. Raiders 16

Up next is a home game against the Dolphins. The Dolphins are on the upswing after finishing 7-9 last year, but have lost several key players in free agency. If they can’t find offensive line help or someone to run the ball consistently, bringing in Mike Wallace won’t mean much.

Colts 28, Dolphins 17

The first big test comes in Week 3 when the Colts travel to San Francisco. The 49ers came up short in the Super Bowl, but appear to have gotten stronger this offseason. The Colts will have a hard time keeping up with Kaepernick and company.

49ers 31, Colts 21

The Jaguars only won two games last year and the future doesn’t look promising. It’s worth noting that one of those wins came against the Colts, so anything is possible.

Colts 35, Jaguars 17

The Seattle Seahawks fly into town in Week 5. The Seahawks will be spending the entire season in a dogfight with the 49ers for the division title will need every win possible. The Colts will need to be on top of their game to pierce the Seahawks' stout defense.

Seahawks 24, Colts 13

By the time the Colts roll into San Diego for their Monday night tilt with the Chargers. Philip Rivers and company could be undefeated or winless. Gauging their trajectory is an exercise in futility.

Colts 21, Chargers 20

The Colts host Denver on Sunday Night in Week 7. Rumor has it the Broncos’ quarterback used to play for the Colts. If you tune into this matchup expecting to hear about anything except Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck, you’re going to be disappointed.

Peyton Manning 38, Andrew Luck 28

After a bye, the Colts play their third consecutive game in prime time when they travel to Houston. The Texans are the favorites to repeat as division champs. If the Colts want to change that, a victory here would help

Texans 24, Colts 17

Week 10 brings the St. Louis Rams to Indianapolis. The Rams are going the right way with Jeff Fisher in control. They won’t make the playoffs because their division is so tough, but they could be a surprise for a few teams.

Colts 27, Rams 21

The Colts play the Titans twice in three weeks. Each of last year’s games was decide by less than a touchdown. The Colts won both.

Week 11: Colts 31, Titans 28

Week 13: Colts 24, Titans 17

In Week 12, the Colts travel to Arizona where they will see former interim Coach Bruce Arians, on the opposing sideline. Arians’ departure from the Colts could end up being the biggest reason the team doesn’t repeat last year’s success.

Cardinals 24, Colts 18

Week 14 brings a tussle with the Bengals who will, in all likelihood, be fighting for a division title or at least a wild card berth. This battle of young quarterbacks could come down to who handles cold weather games the best.

Bengals 21, Colts 17

The Week 15 matchup against the Texans could decide the division. Having home field should help, but the Texans went 6-2 on the road last year.

Texan 34, Colts 24

The Chiefs will be better next season, but that’s not saying much. By Week 16, they’ll likely be out of contention but there’s a chance Andy Reid’s new team won’t quit on him like his old one did.

Colts 41, Chiefs 24

Speaking of quitting, the Jaguars are the featured team in the Colts’ home finale. If Maurice Jones-Drew isn’t curled up in a corner crying by this point, I’d be surprised.

Colts 28, Jaguars 10   


Colts predicted record: 10-6