I remember when I was ten years old. It was 1992, Steve Young won the MVP that year, Jerry Rice caught 84 throws and made 10 TDS. The Niners also won the Super Bowl that year, beating The San Diego Chargers. That is the team I want to have back, that's the team I would love to be over.

Back then it wasn't just Young and Rice carrying the team, we heard names like Bryant Young and Bart Oats. I want to be able hear names like Bruce Miller and Joe Hastings just like we did with Young and Oats. The way we do that is by making each player feel absolutely vital to the rest of the team, it's not just Alex Smith and Vernon Davis running the show.

Coach Jim Harbaugh has done a tremendous job this year, especially as a rookie coach, he's gotten The Niner's closer to the Super Bowl than they have been in a long time. I would keep him in, but I want him to do what he did for Vernon Davis to the rest of the team. They would all function more as a unit and win more games.

The 49ers are unique in that they are the only team that has won every Super Bowl they've ever been in, excluding those that have only been to one Super Bowl. I want this to be the team's new mantra. I want them to think that they will win the Super Bowl, no question, all they have to do is get there. Steve Young was just a young guy from Utah, and so is Alex Smith, if Young could do it, so can Smith. They're only second to Pittsburg in the number of Super Bowl wins, and we can stay there.

The beloved mascot, Sourdough Sam I feel is in need of some revamping. Though he's a great mascot, his uniform and look are in need of some touching up. We need a little less Yosemite Sam, and a little more Prospector.

Lastly, if I ran the 49ers organization, I wish I could teach everyone how former coach, Bill Walsh did it. The draft pick was such a fine art to him, getting Joe Montana from Notre Dame in first round pick because of picks he had stock piled up. He also helped create the West coast Offense, which is one of the hardest to defend against. He was a visionary coach, a wonderful man, and did wonders for the 49ers legacy.

So if I were running the organization, I'd ultimately try to bring it back to the way he had it. Where guys like Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice shined in all their glory. If I were to run the organization, we'd be seeing you next year at the Super Bowl.