In this article I will be discussing moves I would have made this offseason if I was the owner or GM of the Jets. In the last three years, the Jets have been very successful over all, and I applauded some of the moves they’ve made. Bold moves don't always work out but these are moves that would instantly upgrade the team. The Jets have openly admitted to being in a win-now mode and these moves would help them do that.

Let’s start with the draft
Round one: Trade back once and acquire additional picks and then draft Mike Adams. This was the biggest need coming into the 2012 season right tackle. The Jets can't expect Sanchez to lead them to the Super Bowl with the way his right tackle plays like a turnstile in the subway.
Round two: No change here, Hill was a great addition here, a complete steal. Hill has the size and speed and could one day take over the number spot if he works hard enough. The Jets lacked a receiver who had the size and speed like Sanchez’s that was so desperately needed last year. Hill was the answer. If this move works out, the Jets may not be knocked as much for not retaining Edwards.
Round three: Brandon Brooks. This move solidifies the Jets offensive line which is necessary, given how bad Sanchez was beat up last year. The Jets need their offensive line to play more like 2009 and less like 2011. This move is a leap in the right direction.

Free agency
Peyton Hillis: Hillis was the answer to most of the Jets problems this offseason and I would of made this a priority. Hillis would bring back the physical element the run game has been missing since 2009. He is a proven runner and would absolutely flourish in New York. I could have seen Hillis easily rushing for 1400 yards in New York. Greene and McKnight would be the change of pace backs for league’s best rushing team.

Andre Carter: The best pass rusher left on the market came up with doubled digits sacks despite not finishing the season. I would offer Carter the money he wants but with large portions in bonuses and incentives. It appears Rex Ryan wants to play a 4-3 and Carter would be a huge addition to the pass rush.

James Hall: Yes he is 35 years old, but in the last two years he registered 16.5 sacks playing for the Rams. At 35 years old I would expect Hall to want to play for a winning team and that’s what I would offer him with a one-year contract. The young guys still need some time to learn the tricks of the trade and this is just to help them along. I would offer Hall an incentive and bonus heavy contract to avoid the salary cap hit. (Hall would have to sign cheap for the chance to play on a winning team.)

Sione Pouha: Pouha is a must resign this offseason at defensive tackle. Pouha is one of the most underrated players in Rex Ryan’s scheme.

Reggie Nelson: Chose the Bengals over the Jets likely over money reasons. This deal is a must, and to make it simple I would out bid the Bengals for his services. This move completes the Jets defense.

How to feel up some cap space in 2012.

Mark Sanchez: Convert his 2012 salary into a bonus and extend his contract as a reward. Sanchez had a very poor year but is still the future of the franchise. Many teams made moves like this in 2012 to free up space.

Nick Mangold: Mangold isn’t going anywhere and he knows it. I would convert his salary into a bonus and save the cap space.

D’Brickashaw Ferguson: Convert large portions of his salary into a bonus.
There you have it, new starters on the offensive line, running back and at safety. The Jets biggest needs filled in the offseason. Let me stand by saying you build long term winners by building via the draft. I can only do so much in one offseason, so I used free agency to fill holes temporarily. By passing on a pass rusher in this years draft it would have to high on my list in next year’s draft, but for now my free agent additions should fill in nicely. In closing, these moves would make the Jets heavy favorites to contend in the AFC for years to come.

Feel free to leave me a comment on how you would upgrade the Jets.