Here are five steps I believe the Miami Dolphins should take this offseason......

1. Change the Uniforms:
Nike will be taking over as the uniform provider for the NFL next season. There are rumors that Nike wants to make some big changes to the uniforms, but that's only if it is approved by the individual team they want to change. I personally think the Dolphins should give it a shot. I know I would be more inclined to buy a jersey if the uniforms were to change, and so would millions of others. Depending on how crazy Nike wants to get, I think a uniform change would go over well.

2. Clear some cap room:
The Dolphins have around 13 million in cap room. Four to six million of that is going to go towards incoming rookies, leaving the Dolphins with only a little room to work with. Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, and Brandon Marshall will each put over a 10 million dollar hit on the cap next season. That's a huge cap hit from just three players. If I'm the Miami front office, I am calling each of these guys trying to restructure their contracts to lessen the hit for this season.

Also, Yeremiah Bell is set to make close to six million, which is way over his value in my opinion. I would try and work out a new contract, but if he refuses, I think it would be best to cut ties with him. He's only getting older and isn't that great where the Dolphins must hold onto to him. The Dolphins are a young team and it's best to save the money for long term players.

3. Get a quarterback:
It's the 13th year! It's the 13th year since Dan Marino has left our franchise and since then the Dolphins have not had anything close to a franchise quarterback. Will the curse finally be lifted? They passed on Drew Brees, passed on Matt Ryan, and never thought once to draft a quarterback in the first round. If I'm running the Dolphins, I'm doing everything I can to get a shiny new quarterback who has the potential to be the starter for the next 10 years.

If I'm the Miami front office, I would be on the phone with the St. Louis Rams right now trying to work out a trade to get to the number two spot. I'm getting Robert Griffin III on this football team. He's truly a special player and an injured Peyton Manning for a couple years at the max won't solve any long term issues. If Joe Philbin truly believes Matt Flynn can be a franchise quarterback, then maybe I can get on board with him.

4. Get a pass rusher:
Cameron Wake has been alone for too long now and the team needs somebody who can help pick up the slack in the sacks department. No, I'm not getting some scrub or aging veteran who might be able to help, but I'm getting a young, hungry beast who wants to get to the quarterback. There are some solid free agent options out there and that's where I'm spending most of the cap room.

Obviously there is Mario Williams, but he is way too expensive with the Dolphins $13,000,000 or so cap room. One other solid free agent option is Cliff Avril. If the Dolphins do indeed switch to a 4-3 base defense, I think he would be a very good fit depending on the price. Last season he had 11 sacks and six forced fumbles. Avril and Wake would terrorize quarterbacks.

5. Fix the line:
The right side of the Miami offensive line performed way below par last season. Marc Colombo is set to leave in free agency, which has no one complaining. Lydon Murtha, who was possibly going to win the starting right tackle job before being injured last year in pre-season, should be 100 percent for next season. Jeff Ireland seems to believe in him and I have a good feeling about him as well. 

Signing a cheap veteran guard or tackle and then drafting anther potential starter in the second or third round would be ideal in my opinion. The Dolphins have guys on the roster with potential, so getting a consistent veteran and a rookie to compete sounds logical.

Final thoughts:
This offseason should be packed with excitement for Dolphins fans. They are already in rumors of acquiring Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, and Robert Griffin III. Those are all some pretty exiting names. Get ready for some big moves, Dolphins fans.