In only six years, Wes Welker caught more passes than any other Patriot, coming up short to only Stanley Morgan in total yards receiving (by a mere 2893 yards). He had become Tom Brady's primary playmaker and safety-valve. He also just happened to be on the receiving end of the longest touchdown pass in New England Patriots' history at exactly one yard under a hundred.

And when the Patriots and Bill Belichick allowed to Welker to exercise his free agency right, Patriot Nation expressed a collective groan, postulating that the season would be lost and there could never be a replacement for the best thing ever to wear the red, white, and Patriot blue (after Tommy of course). And that has proven to be true to an extent; the replacement for Welker was virtual clone Danny Amendola. But the concern was his health, or should I say: fragility. Amendola has proven to be hard to keep on the field in an offense that, above all else, needed consistency in their offensive attack.

How did Bellichick deal with all of this? Take a look.