In the current 2012 NFL season, we have witnessed Peyton Manning's career revived after a serious neck injury that caused him to miss the entire 2011 season in Indianapolis. Many doubted Manning coming into the season saying things like "one hit and he's done" or "he can't throw the long ball". Well, most of these doubters have been hushed by Manning's MVP-like numbers he is putting up. Now that we see Manning still has plenty left in the tank, I, and many others, have noticed a very interesting thing about Manning's current play-style in Denver. The four-time league MVP seems to have found some useful legs, despite this being his 15th season in the NFL.

Manning averages 26.6 rushing attempts per season, which might be shocking to some including me. Well, we all see Peyton as this pocket passer, who would rather take a sack then run and make a play with his legs. In only 9 games this season, Manning has already taken it past the line of scrimmage 17 times. Manning also has averaged 55.5 yards per season from his 13 seasons with the Colts. Manning does only have 13 rushing yards this season, but has certainly made more of an effort to get out of the pocket and make a play on the ground rather than the air.

Thanks to Manning's recent spur of action out of the pocket, he has only been taken down 11 times this season, which is tied for the least in the league with Houston. Something like explaining how mobility can help a player succeed at a higher rate is tough to explain in an article, but if you are an avid sports watcher, try to pay attention to Manning and how he is scrambling more often then in the past, to make a play.