Now that Tom Coughlin has won his second Super Bowl Title as the New York Giants Head Coach. I wanted to see how he compared with arguably the greatest head coach in Giants history; Bill Parcells.

When observing this topic on the surface, it would appear that Coughlin has a long way to go to be mentioned in the same breath as Bill Parcells.

However; a closer look would suggest that Coughlin is a lot closer to Parcells than you may think.

Bill Parcells                                                                                            Tom Coughlin

8 seasons                                                                                                8 seasons
77-49 record in the regular season                                                          74-54 record in the regular season
8-3 record in the playoffs                                                                         8-3 record in the playoffs
2-0 record in the Super Bowl                                                                   2-0 record in the Super Bowl
85-52 Overall record (regular season & Playoffs)                                   82-57 Over record (regular season & playoffs)

Now here is where a debate begins to help support Coughlin’s case; during Bill Parcells tenure as the Giants head coach, he had 35 Pro Bowl selections from his roster. During Coughlin’s tenure thus far, he has had 26. During Parcells tenure he had Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson (Both in the Hall of Fame) in their prime. During Coughlin’s tenure he had Michael Strahan (who will be a Hall of Famer once he is eligible) in his prime. One could argue that Bill Parcells had better players than Tom Coughlin had during their tenure.

These findings were very interesting and also very shocking; as I didn’t realize how close their numbers actually were.

I would still rate Parcells overall achievements as the Giants Head Coach slightly higher than Tom Coughlin.

However; Coughlin will be returning and he could capture another Super Bowl Title (or 2) before he retires from the Giants. If that should be the case, this discussion will be re-opened and Coughlin could surpass Bill Parcells as the greatest Head Coach in New York Giants History.