When Ray Edwards signed with the Falcons prior to last season, many people thought he would be the jab to John Abrahams right hook. 

Edwards started his career in Minnesota and experienced some good fortune in his five years on the Vikings.  His two best years sack-wise were his last two when he recorded 8 and 8.5 sacks in each of those seasons. 

His previous two seasons were the main reasons why Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff went after Edwards.  Dimitroff and the Falcons were hoping he would be able to provide some sort of protection for John Abraham.  Unfortunately, this hope never came to life.

In his short tenure with the Falcons, Ray Edwards was nothing more than a bust.  In his first season in 2011, Edwards only recorded a measly 3.5 sacks.  Well short of what the Falcons had hoped for.  And through nine games this year, Edwards had recorded an appalling 0 sacks and only 9 total tackles. 

Releasing Edwards was probably the right move to make as he was not producing at the level the Falcons expected.  But who is going to take his place.  That is the big question going into this weeks match-up with the Arizona Cardinals.

That person will most likely be Kroy Biermann.  Biermann has seen a lot of playing time already this year and has proven to be a good fit to replace Edwards.  In limited play, Biermann has more sacks and more total tackles than Edwards.  Also, Biermann has been used as a safety in some blitz packages where he drops back into the secondary to help cover receivers.

Biermann will undoubtedly provide better production than Edwards.  But, is he the long-term answer at that position.  Only time will tell.  And it doesn't hurt that he has some wicked cool contacts that he wears during games.