Blaine GabbertThe Houston Texans are now 2-0 and look like a Super Bowl contender.

Poor Jacksonville never stood a chance and they were only able to put up a meaningless touchdown on the Texans' defense. 

Blaine Gabbert continues to dissapoint as he was only able to put up 53 yards on 7 of 19 completions.

The Hero:  Houston’s Running Backs

After a disappointing Week 1 performance for one of the NFL’s premier backfields, Arian Foster (one touchdown) and Ben Tate (two TDs) gave the Jaguars' defense fits all day.

Even third-stringer Justin Forsett had success when he was called upon to run out the clock pushing the Texans all the way into the red zone before they could finally line up in victory formation.

The three backs racked up 219 yards on 46 carries and all three Houston touchdowns. The one-two punch of Foster and Tate is a tough match up for any team and when you take into account that Andre Johnson only gained 21 yards on three passes you can begin to realize what a coverage nightmare the Texans present.

 The Zero: Jacksonville’s Offense

Really it should be that there were two heroes in this game because the Texans' defense shut down the Jaguars. Call them what you want; Bulls on Parade aka the Swat Team aka best defense in the league -- Blaine Gabbert and Co. didn’t stand a chance.

Even Maurice Jones-Drew was not able to get his usual numbers with 60 yards on 12 carries and seven yards on three receptions and a touchdown.

The Jags put up a franchise-low 117 yards. Never at any point did they get anything going, and the lone Jacksonville touchdown came off excellent field positioning when they started on their own 45.