Matt SchaubThe Broncos vs. Texans game ended up in a score that was not surprising to anyone, but the score does not really tell the story of this game. 

Once again, Peyton Manning had to play a game of catch-up, scoring 14 points in the 4th quarter and being in it until the end even when the halftime score reflected the Texans were in control of this game, up 21-11 at halftime.    

Ultimately, the Texans did win this battle by a score of 31-25 and they remain undefeated with a 3-0 record, the best start for the Texans in franchise history.

The hero of this game was Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub. 

Matt Schaub had completed 17 passes out of 30 attempts for 290 yards, throwing for four touchdowns and one interception. The most impressive thing about Matt Schaub was his display of toughness. Schaub played gritty and smart; he looked like a veteran quarterback that knew how to take control of his team. 

Schaub started out shaky being sacked in the Denver end zone in the first offensive play for the Texans. This did not faze Schaub, and he got it going rather quickly. The numbers are impressive for Schaub but his true toughness was tested and he passed with flying colors when he was drilled by Broncos linebacker, Joe Mays.

It was a hit that was done after Schaub had thrown the ball, resulting in a penalty. Schaub’s helmet flew off and he immediately grabbed the sides of his head, cringing in pain, he got up with blood streaming down his ear. 

What happened is part of the ear lobe was laying somewhere on the field. Schaub missed a play, got patched up and was back on the field. Schaub tossed a TD pass to Owen Daniels a few plays after leaving it all on the field, well almost all – just a chunk of ear.  

Schaub didn’t complain following the game simply going with the “it is what it is” attitude and took more emphasis to their win than his own pain and ear disfigurement.

On the other hand, the zero in this game was the Denver Broncos' offense. In the first half, Denver struggled offensively once again, there was no rhythm, several dropped passes and the impossible task of converting on 3rd down. 

In the second half; the offense scratched and fought the Broncos back into this game but once again, fell short and lost the game. Although Manning’s must win mentality is admirable as the past two games he was able to orchestrate comebacks that still fell short; this offense has to find a rhythm as these comeback games are not going their way. 

Dropped passes, offensive line woes and Manning trying to find his way is a bad combination for the high expectations the Denver fans have for their beloved Broncos. 

I think a lot of this has to do with a new quarterback surrounded by a lot of inexperience; eventually, the Broncos will find their way, but for this game, the Denver offense and their slow start ultimately cost them the game.