The final score was 43-37.  The Jacksonville Jaguars went into Reliant Stadium and held their own.  The Jaguars continued the road show, playing their opponents' hard.  You need proof?  Check out linebackers Paul Posluszny face in the fourth quarter.  With blood clouding his face and four stitches in his forehead, Posluszny and the defense did not lay down for the Texans. 

Yes, many yards were accumulated.  Matt Schaub had 527 yards with five touchdowns.  Wide receiver Andre Johnson had 273 yards and the game winning touchdown.  But the Texans' performance still didn't seem heroic.  Their performances seemed necessary. 

The Jaguars offense and defense were the David to the Texans' Goliath.  The Jaguars disregarded the notion they should not even be on the same field as the Texans. 

It was the bend but not break method.  And while in the end the Jaguars' broke, it took overtime to do it.  And for that the heroes today aren't cowboys but Jaguars.

Hero of the Game

Chad Henne and Justin Blackmon

The Houston Texans were supposed to win this game by a substantial margin.  The pundits insist it shouldn't have even been close.  The Jaguars' were only averaging 14 points per game.  Their record was 1-8. 

The Texans were 8-1.  They suited super running back Arian Foster and soon to be defensive player of the year J.J. Watt. 

Enter Chad Henne. 

Henne replaced starter Blaine Gabbert when he went out with an elbow contusion.  All Henne did was throw for 354 yards and four touchdowns.  And the recipient of his passes?  None other than first round draft choice Justin Blackmon.  Oh, Blackmon where have you been? 

Blackmon caught a season high 221 yards with one touchdown. 

Their play in regulation was heroic. 

Zero of the Game

Mike Mularkey

Mike Mularkey is the head coach of the Jaguars. In overtime on the second possession the Jaguars had the ball with fourth and ten.  Instead of punting, Mularkey went for the first down.  Giving the Texans a short field which resulted in Andre Johnson receiving a 48 yard touchdown pass from Matt Schaub.  Game, set and match. 

While the play calling in overtime was questionable.  The play never was. 

The Jaguars' brought it as they do in most away games. 

For this game, this team collectively are heroes. 

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