Colin KaepernickThis game will expose weaknesses from both teams, as two of the league's most talented defenses and offenses meet to get a much-needed victory.

San Francisco 49ers(2-2):

The 49ers entered the 2013 season beating the Green Bay Packers 34-28, leading NFL fans to think San Francisco was on their way to another easy winning season.

Yet, there has been doubts surrounding Colin Kaepernick after losing to the Seattle Seahawks, 3-29, and throwing three interceptions(with no touchdowns) in the process, and losing to the Indianapolis Colts, 7-27 as well as throwing an interception in that game, and no touchdown.

Most recently the 49ers have defeated the St. Louis Rams (but they're the Rams). Instead of running the read-option, Kaepernick has began establishing himself as more of a pocket quarterback, and he arguably hasn't been playing to his potential.

Kaepernick wants to rally his team to a victory against the Houston Texans to prove to NFL fans that his 2012 season wasn't a fluke. The 49ers are missing one of their key defenders (Aldon Smith), which could be contributing to their problems.

With Michael Crabtree out, and Anquan Boldin taking his role as the No. 1 receiver, it hasn't been an easy task; Boldin had 208 receiving yards in the season opener, since then he has had problems breaking away from man coverage, and Boldin is Kaepernick's go-to option.

If one were to watch the 49ers, one would notice they are successful when running the ball, and looking at their most recent victory, they were able to amass 153 rushing yards with Frank Gore. San Francisco will need to establish a running attack to complement their air attack if they want to take a win home; this will give them a chance to run more play-action plays, to confuse the talented Houston Texans' defense.

Houston Texans(2-2):

The Houston Texans should arguably be 3-1, after losing to the Seattle Seahawks, 23-20; the blame can be placed on Matt Schaub after he threw a costly interception in which the Seahawks returned for a touchdown. Schaub has thrown a pick six in each of his last three games, and now it's about time to start questioning his value to this talented team.

The Texans are not the same team from last season, Arian Foster, an easily top-five running back has been struggling with back and calf problems this season, and in result, the Texans have been providing Foster with limited carries, so they haven't been able to run the ball effectively.

Despite their limited run game, Houston has acquired possibly the best receiver in the 2013 NFL Draft, DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins has produced like a No. 1 receiver when Johnson was unable to, providing even more reason Schaub shouldn't be throwing away games.

The Texans have their biggest playmakers on defense, J.J. Watt, Ed Reed, and Brian Cushing (questionable for Sunday), so there shouldn't be an excuse to why they cannot make big plays against the struggling 49ers' offense.

This game will give one quarterback the chance to prove himself against a talented defense, whether it be Colin Kaepernick or Matt Schaub, and may give an outlook of the rest of 2013 season for the team as a whole.