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Matt Schaub *****

When the Houston Texans traded for Matt Schaub in 2007, I thought it may have been the steal of the century.

You know, the consummate backup standing on the sidelines in Atlanta, waiting for his big chance (like Aaron Rodgers) to prove his worth in the NFL.

That has not truly happened yet. While Houston could have one of the best offenses in the league this season, it seems injuries and Schaub are the only two things holding this franchise back.

Does he finally take the next step toward elite status?

The San Diego Chargers are a team that was the best in the AFC to never get back to the Suoer Bowl. So many parts and so much talent.

Now, the only remains are Philip Rivers, a middle of the pack quarterback now who must find himself again.

The defense is going to be better than average, but not much above that. And how will Ryan Mathews deal with Danny Woodhead and others in a crowded backfield?

This has the makings of a good game, if it were five seasons ago. And the ghost of what could have been for both teams could linger.

Here are some bold predictions for the game…

Derek Cox has two interceptions

When the Jaguars allowed Cox to leave in free agency, I thought it was one of the worst moves they could have made.

Truth be told, I think Cox wanted out of Jacksonville and playing in San Diego is a lot more comfortable for him.

If Cox and the secondary can cover Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins all day, there will be plenty of opportunities to steal balls from Schaub. Cox will benefit greatly from the long ball.

Batman and Robin get 100 yards, each

There is no doubt that if Arian Foster can stay healthy, he will head toward 2,000 yards this season. And the Texans have the hosses up front to make that happen. The only thing I worry about is his health, which we all know can be a concern. But expect him to get 100 yards or more on the day.

If the Chargers' secondary with Cox and Eric Weddle can keep the receivers in check, expect Ben Tate to get a lot of carries as well and inch toward the century mark.

Welcome to the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins

While everyone will be following Andre Johnson around the field on Sunday, DeAndre Hopkins will be a factor.

Look for the rookie from Clemson to find the middle of the field and make it his own home. I would not be surprised to see both receivers get 100 yards in receptions and a score or two. But I also think Hopkins is not given as much credit as he will deserve this season. He is a strong Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate.