Alex SmithI know I usually write about Denver, but one of the matchups that intrigued me this week was Chiefs vs. Texans.

I know most of us think its just another mid-season conference game, especially this year to bide time until the Broncos and Chiefs face off in five weeks for AFC supremacy.

But I think this week's matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans could shape up to be a classic.

Before I get to my predictions, let me digress a little. It is unfathomable that hometown fans would cheer for any player to get hurt, let alone the home town QB. I know Matt Schaub hasn’t exactly been lights out in 2013, but that is no reason to cheer for bodily injury to the guy.

Schaub is getting paid very well to do his job, I know that “fan” is short for “fanatic,” but going to someone’s house to yell at them because you aren’t happy with thier performance is bush league.

That would be like me coming to your mundane jobs and screaming at you for making a typo on that email to your boss. It’s ridiculous and Houston fans should be ashamed of themselves. They won’t be—but they should be.

Now that I have vented to you, let me continue with my three bold predictions for this week’s KC vs Houston matchup.

1. Kansas City takes their first loss

Don’t believe me? Aside from points allowed per game, Houston has fared better in almost every yards allowed defensive category than the Chiefs.  

We all know that Alex Smith isn’t a lights out deep threat QB, but he has been efficient this season, completing 56.5 percent of his passes. Houston is ranked first against the pass this season, so that forces KC into being a one-dimensional team.

Jamaal Charles has been great for Kansas City, but if Ed Reed and Co. can take away Dwayne Bowe (who has been suspect all season) and the rest of the KC recievers, then Charles becomes KC’s only weapon.

You might say that KC is ranked 12th in defensive rushing yards allowed, so Arian Foster is negated too. Maybe, but the Chiefs can’t deal with Andre Johnson, and whether its Matt Schaub or T.J. Yates throwing the ball to him. He is always a tough out. I’m saying its a wild one -- 31-28

2. Matt Schaub plays and plays well

 I know. I know he has been playing horribly all season; he even was made fun of at a local Houston fast food chain with a “Pick 6” burger.

Let’s not forget that Schaub is a playoff quarterback, who has dealt with much adversity since he has been in the leauge. Is he on the level of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, or even Andrew Luck? Not even close, but Schaub has won some tight games in this league.

He is coming up against a Kansas City defense that is ranked 26th against the pass. The won’t be able to cover Johnson one on one and if they double him, that leaves an opening on the other side of the field.

Houston is in the top half of the leauge (14th) in passing yards. Keep in mind that I’m a Denver Broncos fan and have no rooting interest against KC or Houston—I hope KC is undefeated when they come to Mile High Stadium in November.

The bottom line is, I think Matt Schaub is a gamer and gives Houston the best chance to win, coupled with Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, and all of those weapons, I think Schaub has a great game in this one, especially with his back against the wall.

 3. If the Chiefs win this game, odds are they take the AFC West

If Kansas City gets past Houston, this is their best chance to overtake Denver for the AFC west lead. Denver is facing a tough Indianapolis team led by Andrew Luck, and with the Broncos’ defensive struggles, it could be a long day for Manning and Co.

This is all the more reason for KC to take this game. If KC wins against Houston, they play Cleveland and Buffalo, then have a bye week before Denver.

They could be a game up on Denver if the Broncos slip up against Indy.

If Kansas City wins and goes to 7-0, its reasonable that they go into the bye 9-0, they are likely to split the season series with Denver, giving them one loss against Denver’s two this means they will win the conference and Philadelphia fans will cry into their pillows about the loss of Andy Reid.

Besides Denver again, the Chiefs play the Chargers, Raiders, and Redskins to finish out the season. All very winnable games. Watch out folks, KC is for real and if they keep this roll up, it could get very interesting when it comes playoff seeding time.