Mike Shanahan The Houston Texans are beyond help this season.  They have released their head coach Gary Kubiak. They have named defensive coordinator Wade Phillips as the interim coach. Unfortunately, for the Texans it isn't the defense that has let them down this season. 

The Texans are in need of an offensive overhaul.  The process has already begun. Veteran quarterback Matt Schaub has been benched for undrafted University of Houston product Case Keenum. While Keenum started off hot, he has since cooled considerably.

Arian Foster has spent the majority of this season injured on the sidelines. His replacement Ben Tate was a more than adequate fill-in. However, Tate is a free agent next year, and will most likely look for a team where he can be the featured back. 

The receiving corps has the potential to be great. Veteran Andre Johnson and rookie DeAndre Hopkins are stable building blocks. 

The Texans are in need of an offenive-minded head coach. Here are five coaches who can take the Texans to the vaulted land of the Super Bowl.

Kevin Sumlin

Sumlin will be without Johnny Manziel in the very near future. So the questions will begin, did he make Manziel or did Manziel make him? These are questions that can easily be avoided. Yes, Sumlin has just signed an extension with Texas A&M, but we all know college football coaching contracts are made to be broken. 

Sumlin is an offensive-minded coach who has managed to weather the storm of Johnny Football. Is there any question he can guide Keenum to a Pro Bowl year?

Mike Shanahan

Shanahan was once thought to be an offensive guru. Then he traveled to Washington where his tenure has been less than ideal. Now he seems to be doing everything he can to be dismissed out of Washington. 

Is Texas the place to rehabilitate his image and his reputation? Plus there is the added bonus of getting two for the price of one and a half. Kyle Shanahan will surely follow. 

Aaron Kromer

Kromer is currently residing as the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for the Chicago Bears. He has reinforced the Bears once unstable offensive line through the draft. He has made 39-year-old high school coach Josh McCown relevant. 

If McCown is let go in Chicago, Texas is a good place to go, especially if he is following Kromer. 

Mike Shula

Shula is the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Before that he was the quarterback coach. Shula has quieted the storm that was once Cam Newton's erratic behavior both on the field and during post game interviews. 

Shula is a quarterback whisperer. The Texans are in need of someone to whisper to their quarterback(s).

Jay Gruden

Forget the Sunday night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Gruden is the anti-Chucky. This Gruden excels on the offenive side of the ball. He is now in his third season as the Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator. The Bengals have excelled under his instructions. The Bengals have improved both through the draft and through schemes. The offense regularly has pro-bowl caliber players because of talent and coaching. The Texans need offensive Pro Bowl players. 

Last season Gruden had four head coaching interviews before he decided to remain with the Bengals. This year the Texans need to be first in the interview line. 

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