They really are a better team than they appear to be.

While 2014 may have been a minor (well major) bump in the road for the franchise, this team could surprise us all like the Chiefs did in 2013.

The Texans are a team that - except for last season - compete for a division title or playoff spot, make the second season and then fall apart in the first round. Maybe with a new head coach in Bill O'Brien and determined team owner in Bob McNair, the third head coach in team history will make it right for the franchise and the fans.

The team has had some really good picks over the years with JJ Watt, Andre Johnson and DJ Swearinger - and then there are picks that the team would like to forget.  And for some of us, we still talk about what the team would be like had Reggie Bush worn a Texans jersey instead of playing in New Orleans.

These are the five worst picks in team history. All information obtained came from

Tony Hollings -- 2003 
Rarely, unless the talent is spectacular, does a team use a high pick in the supplemental draft. Using a second-round pick on a player who spent two years as a defensive back at Georgia Tech and played only four games at running back in college before blowing out his anterior cruciate ligament and lateral meniscus? Questionable decision-making at best. Hollings started one game in the NFL, ending his career with 149 rushing yards and as many touchdowns as me.

Travis Johnson -- 2005 
The Texans traded down three spots to select Johnson in what turned out to be a very weak draft for defensive tackles. Johnson ended up being a serviceable backup defensive lineman for the Texans. That's a big problem when you throw down a top-half-of-the-first-round selection on a player. Johnson started just 38 games over four years for Houston, registering two sacks. In 2009, Johnson was traded to the San Diego Chargers for a late-round pick, a common and unceremonious end for a draft bust.

David Carr -- 2002 
Carr was the first draft selection in Texans history. Things started great, as Carr led the Texans to a win over the in-state rival Dallas Cowboys in their inaugural game (becoming just the second NFL expansion team to win their first game, joining the 1961 Minnesota Vikings). It went downhill from there.

Carr was a punching bag in the pocket as the expansion Texans failed to fix a wreck of an offensive line. Carr was sacked a staggering 76 times in his rookie season (that's an NFL record). In five seasons with the Texans, Carr was sacked 249 times (leading the NFL three times, with two of his season totals among the three worst in league history). In 2007, the Texans moved on from Carr and opted to trade for Schaub.

Amobi Okoye -- 2007 
The Texans drafted the 19-year-old with the 10th pick in 2007. Worse than his production in Houston -- 11.0 sacks in four years -- is who came after Okoye that year. The next four picks -- Patrick Willis (11), Marshawn Lynch (12), Adam Carriker (13), and Darrelle Revis (14). That'll leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

Bennie Joppru -- 2003 
If you're a tight end drafted before Jason Witten, you better produce. Unfortunately for Joppru, injuries derailed any hope he had at a successful NFL career. As a rookie, a groin injury suffered in training camp ended his season.

The following year, another groin injury left him watching from the sidelines. If you guessed he missed his third year with a groin injury, you'd only be partially incorrect -- it was a torn ACL that cost him the 2005 season. He managed to make it through the 2006 summer intact, but he was released after Week 5. He recorded no stats in his NFL career.