A player who is considered one of the best defensive backs in modern history has a little bit of tread still on his wheels, leaves the reigning Super Bowl champions and signed a free agent contract in Houston. While he will undoubtedly help the secondary and help teach younger players how to play at a high level, within their ability, and to punish opposing receivers.

But because he is a player who is constantly seems to get hurt because of his intensity, he is overrated by many who think he will still play like he did only five years ago.

A player who opened holes for both Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew left the Jacksonville Jaguars after spending his entire career (10 years) in Florida after a great college career at Florida State. While it would have made sense for the fullback to remain with the team that drafted him in 2004, not to mention the team made a play to keep him, he wanted to pursue a Super Bowl title and taste what it was like to reach the playoffs on a continual basis.

Meet Ed Reed and Greg Jones, the newest defensive back and fullback free agent additions to the Houston Texans. While their careers are night and day and they are still thought of a being solid players at their positions, one seems to be falling (Reed ), while the other is seeming to remain a constant.

I guess blocking for Arian Foster will make anyone smile from ear to ear, and the thought of possibly winning a Super Bowl ring is enough to drive both to try and step up their game.

Reed was signed by the Texans even when he was rehabbing his hip. According to story written on UltimateTexans.com, “Reed, 34, has been on the physically unable to perform list since training camp began. The Texans are attempting to have the five-time All-Pro ready in time for a Sept. 9 regular-season opener at San Diego.”

Reed will also be instrumental in the development of rookie defensive back DJ Swearinger as a solid defensive player.

Jones took to the Texans immediately and appears to be a perfect fit in Gary Kubiak’s offense. He said he liked the way the team works in the offseason and appreciated the differences between his current team and the one he used to play for.

“Little bit more fast paced,” Jones said. “Kube, he takes care of the guys. Being in Jacksonville, it’s a good difference, I can say that. It’s a good difference. … He don’t grind you. Back in the day in Jacksonville, we grinded a lot. He doesn’t really believe in that.”

Two veterans, with the same goal, coming together to make a difference. Overrated or underrated, that has to spell success for the Texans.