The Houston Texans sere poised for a big season in 2013. I would say that they are the favorites in the AFC South and one of the top teams in the league. I don't forsee a Super Bowl berth for Houston, but I believe that they will have a stellar regular season.  Whenever Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson are on the field together, it is inevidable that a lot of points are going to be scored.  Put J.J. Watt, Brian Cushings, and Ed Reed on the defensive side of the ball and Houston has a very solid team.

September 9th: @ Chargers

Well winning on the road is never an easy task, especially when its the first home game for the opposing team.  The fans will be hyped up and San Diego will be ready to play.  Unfortunately, I don't think that San Diego has a strong enough team to defeat Houston.  

Texans win 31-21

September 15th: vs. Titans 

I don't forsee Tennessee having much success in 2013.  Jake Locker isn't a QB that I would want leading my franchise.  This is a division opponet for Houston so I expect this game to be close.  

Texans win 21-17

September 22nd: @ Ravens 

The defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens definetely lost some key players following the Super Bowl.  Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, and Dannell Ellerbe are just some of Baltimore's notable departures.  Elvis Dumervil signed with the team to solitify the defense slightly.  With a healthy defense, Baltimore should be able to handle Houston their first lost of the season.

Texans lose 21-28

September 29th: vs. Seahawks 

There is a small chance that Houston could upset Seattle, but I don't see it happening.  Seattle is suddenly one of the top teams in the league, and if they have a healthy Percy out!  Houston will be handed their second loss of the season.

Texans lose 17-24

October 6th: @ 49ers 

 The Texans have a very tough schedule weeks 3-5.  The week 5 matchup with San Franciso might be their toughest game of the season.  San Franciso asserted their position as the best team in the NFC following their Super Bowl berth last season.  With a young QB who is improving everyday, San Franciso is poised to stay on top of the NFC.  Expect the Texans to lose their three games in a row.

Texans lose 14-31

October 13th: vs. Rams

 According to my predictions, Houston is going to have a rough stretch weeks 3-5, however, I think things will begin to look better for Houston week 6 vs. St. Louis.  Houston is going to be hungry for a victory and they will feed off of a lesser opponent such as St. Louis.  I believe St. Louis is a decent team, but I think Houston is going to be hungry for victory.

Texans win 45-21

October 20th: @ Chiefs

I know that Kansas City is going to be a much better team because of the additons of QB Alex Smith and HC Andy Reid.  They are an up and coming team, but they are not a serious contender yet.  I don't think that Kansas City is going to be able to stop Arian Foster and this is a game where I believe that Foster could run for 200 yards.  Call me crazy, but I think that it's going to happen.

Houston wins 42-17

Bye Week 

November 3rd: vs. Colts

This is going to be a very close game.  Indy has a very young, talented team that received a lot of experience from playing a whole season together last year.  The additions of Ahmad Bradshaw and Darrius Heyward-Bey are going to make Indy an even better team.  This is a battle of the two best teams in the AFC South.  For this particular game, I'm going to give the nod to Houston because the game is in Houston.  I expect Houston to win by a last-second field goal.

Houston wins 27-24

November 10th: @ Cardinals 

This is going to be a trap game for Houston.  Houston will come off a last-second victory against Indy and stroll into Arizona thinking that they will do the same thing.  Arizona is a bit of a mystery as of now, but on paper, they have the talents to upset some teams.  Carson Palmer isn't a great QB at this point in his career, but he is definetely an upgrade for Arizona.  

Houston loses 14-24

November 17th: vs. Raiders 

Oakland may very well be the worst team in the league.  There is not a whole lot of "expert" analysis that I can put into this one.  This will be Houston's biggest victory of the season.

Houston wins 42-7

November 24th: vs. Jaguars 

Division games are always difficult to predict.  It seems as if every division game is a toss-up.  Jacksonville doesn't have much to offer at QB, so I think that will ultimately be there downfall all season long.  Houston will get another big victory.

Houston wins 35-6

December 1st: vs. Patriots 

I feel as if Houston doesn't play their best during big games.  Although New England had an interesting off-season, by this time during the season, they should be able to get theirselves together.  Tom Brady is going to have a big day, passing for about 450 yards and leading New England to a victory.

Houston loses 28-45

December 5th: @ Jaguars

Jacksonville is not going to be able to figure out how to beat Houston the second time around.  If Aaron Rodgers magically ended up in Jacksonville, I'd give them a shot.  Otherwise, expect Houston to bounce back and get a victory.

Houston wins 28-13

December 15th: @ Colts 

Lucas Oil Stadium is going to be rocking for this game.  I think that Indy is going to be able to pull this off while running on all cylinders.  This is going to be a high-scoring affair, but Indy gets the nod the second time around. 

Houston loses 35-38

 December 22nd: vs. Broncos

Denver may not need to play their starters during this game depending on the situation.  I think Denver is going to have a great regular season, so more than likley, Peyton Manning will be sitting this game.  

Houston wins 35-14

December 29th: @ Titans

The outcome of this game is going to depend on whether or not Houston has something to play for. I believe that they will be in a division race with Indianapolis and will be forced to play their starters the whole game. In that case, Houston will handle Tennessee any trouble.

Houston wins 28-7