An Arizona fan known as "CardLogic" in the Cold, Hard Football Facts message board apparently has a little too much time on his hands as we enter the nadir of the football calendar, the dreaded gridiron doldrums.
His shut-in existence is our gain: he's turned the CHFF World Famous Cheerleader Thread into a movie montage set to the sounds of David Byrne's "Like Humans Do."
The WFCT is an epic piece of work compiled by our most loyal and most seedy readers. But with football ever present in the simple minds of our readers, the thread has also given us two new statistics:
  • Breastability Index
  • Asser Rating (see the formula above and in the WFCT, from Dutch CHFF reader "Pigskin Science" ... those clever little Dutch, always thinking, aren't they? Of course, we can't even find Dutchland on a map.)
Resident CHFF film critic Bonzo the Idiot Monkey gives Cardlogic's new film one opposable "thumbs up." And it's rated a five-banana film, which means you might want to watch it when wifey ain't around.