OK, here's the deal. We have to cut this off in some meaningful way, so it made sense to me to use the last decade of the NFL be the fossilised remains that we use to divine the truth. Some of these guys are miscast business geniuses who are just fish out of water in the NFL game. Others are egomaniacs who can't keep their hands out of the kitchen, constantly adding a dash of their secret ingredient that turns a good stew into a def con five bowel destroyer. Others just don't seem to care, and in my book, that's the worst crime of all.

Whatever the situation, these men consistently turn chicken salad to, well things not nearly as good as chicken salad.

Honorable mentions: Alex Spanos, Chargers: You watched A.J. Smith and Norv Turner destroy your team and you did nothing. It was vomit inducing.

Woody Johnson, Jets: You helped flush a nice guy's career down the crapper and sabotaged your own team to beat the Giants to the back page of the Post. I hope it was worth it.