The Baylor Bears, Houston Cougars, San Jose Earthquakes, Minnesota Vikings, Tulane Green Wave, and San Francisco 49ers are all going to have new homes built for them soon. They are all currently under construction, but in a few years fans and teams will be able to enjoy their new stadiums. 

For NFL teams, new stadiums bring new energy to fanbases and players. Unlike College, these players can sometimes spend all of their career playing in the stadium. The better the stadium and atmosphere, the more chance a player wants to play for that team.

College stadiums have the same effect, except it impacts recruiting a lot more. Thanks to RG3, Baylor will have a new stadium to play with. Houston, Tulane are just looking for a way to get some more recruits, and it's not a bad way to do it. 

San Jose is a different type of football but you'll wanna see their new stadium. 

Let's take a look at the new stadiums that are being built across the football world: