Holiday Wish List For All 32 NFL Teams

By Paul Manzey
December 10, 2012 9:37 am
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It’s the holiday season, so let’s dig into Santa’s bag of goodies to see what each team is looking for as Christmas approaches.

San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers need new overtime rules.  A tie against the Rams in Week 10 could provide for a sticky situation when playoff seeding time comes around.  Who wants to see ties in football?

Chicago Bears - The Bears need an additional playmaker, and a better play caller.  Where has Devin Hester been this season?  His lack of production, and Matt Forte’s lingering injury issues, have turned the Bears offense into a one-man show featuring Brandon Marshall.  Mike Tice created the “Randy Ratio” for Randy Moss in Minnesota, and this appears to be a repeat of that offense.

Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals need more consistent play on a weekly basis, or just a chance to replay Weeks 5-9.  Cincinnati began the season with a loss, followed by three consecutive wins and four consecutive losses.  That would be streaky enough, but the Bengals followed this with four consecutive wins.  

Buffalo Bills - The Bills need it to be preseason (when they were considered a dark horse playoff contender), or lower expectations in a division where they are the only team without a Super Bowl title...ever.

Denver Broncos - The Broncos need a box of Thank You cards to send to the Colts (for Peyton Manning), the Jets (for taking Tim Tebow) and to the Panthers (for firing John Fox).

Cleveland Browns - The Browns need an easier division.  Last season, the AFC North sent three teams to the playoffs (Ravens, Steelers and Bengals).  We could see a repeat performance for the division in 2012, and Cleveland (despite showing growth this year) once again sits at the bottom of the standings.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Buccaneers need more consistency on the defensive side of the ball.  Tampa Bay is No. 1 in the NFL against the rush allowing 83.2 yards per game, BUT who would want to run the ball when you can throw against the league’s worst (allowing 309.4 yards per game) pass defense.

Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals need an offensive line that allows a quarterback to attempt more than 200 passes without being injured.  Kevin Kolb attempted 183 passes, before his season ended, while John Skelton had 179 pass attempts.  Ryan Lindley has attempted 103 passes, and has the best chance of eclipsing 200.

San Diego Chargers - The Chargers need to find a replacement for LaDainian Tomlinson.  San Diego failed to keep Michael Turner and Darren Sproles, and now are left with Jackie Battle and Ryan Matthews.  Matthews just has not produced, causing defenses to key on the semi-erratic Phillip Rivers.  Going after Norv Turner is just too easy at this point.

Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs need the 2012-13 season to end.  The team has the fewest wins (2) this year and Jamaal Charles has been the only bright spot on either side of the ball.  Chiefs fans actually cheered earlier in the season when Matt Cassel was injured, and the Javon Belcher situation only added to a year that the organization would rather forget.


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By Paul Manzey
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2 years ago
Cardinals needing an offensive line is a common misconception. They have been much better since Nate Potter replaced D'Anthony Batiste. An upgrade would be great, but not the No. 1 need. I'll take a new head coach and offensive coordinator from Santa.

Good article overall.
2 years ago

A 17-28 record since making it to the Super Bowl does not keep a lot of fans on the bandwagon. Sunday's 58-0 should be the final straw that break's Whisenhunt's back. Thanks for the feedback!
2 years ago

Great article! The Bears need two Christmas lists so we can ask for more!!
2 years ago

The Bears are too good a team to have as many needs as they do right now. Being a Vikings fan, I can tell you Tice is not the best option as a play caller, but if Chicago fails to make the playoffs this season, I think it will be Tice and Lovie Smith looking for work this off season.
2 years ago
Great article! But the Jets need a real head coach... not the drama seeker they have now.
2 years ago

I agree with you 100% there. Ryan has become more of a distraction than anything else for that team. Too much talk, not enough results. Thanks for the comment!
2 years ago
Atlanta needs a GM that understands the NFL isn't a fantasy league and finds some offensive and defensive linemen. The Falcon's have the worst collection of lineman of any playoff team every year and no surprise then lose in the first round.
2 years ago

You mean an "Sugar" Ray Edwards didn't amaze you with his football/boxing potential?? That is a great point. Quick passes have been effective, but against a quality front four, they will suffer.
2 years ago
Agree with Dallas issue raised, but also need to put Cosch Garrett back as OC and get a hard-nosed HC in. This coupled with a new GM would bring success again. The talent is there, sadly the discipline isn't.
2 years ago

Garrett just won't be in a position to fall back into the OC job for Dallas. If he is no longer the coach, it will be because he has been terminated. I thought he was the hard-nosed coach by comparison to Wade Phillips, what happened?

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