Is there a way to hit stop and rewind on this NFL season? It seems like we wait anxiously all off-season and then, BOOM (Madden reference) the season flys by. After the first four weeks things are starting to even out and the top teams are rising to the top. The statistical outliers are regressing to the mean as expected.  

At the moutain top of the Offensive Hog Index is the Denver Broncos. This should surprise nobody, Peyton Manning is playing at a level we may not have seen before. Even with their pedestrian ranking of 18 in RYA they still top every other offensvie front in football in the other two categories we use.

I am not discounting the job done by Denver's OL, but Peyton makes everything easier. Their entire offensive line miuns Zane Beadles has pass blocked to perfection this season. Giving Peyton plenty of time to throw is a disaster for any defense. They face the number four ranked team in our DHI the Dallas Cowboys this week. I wouldn't expect a change in rankings for Denver for a few weeks. They are far and away the best offense in football right now. 

At the top of our Defensive Hog Index is the San Francisco 49ers. They are the only team to hold a top nine ranking in every category. Their linebackers are obviously what makes this defense go. They are from top to bottom the best unit in the league. Navarro Bowman is turning in another outstanding season, and trying to take the throne from the guy who plays next to him.

Their defensive line plays great assignment football, and Glenn Dorsey is doing everything Kansas City wished he would've when they drafted him. Dorsey's play against the run this year has been something special. He has played the majority as a nose tackle since the Green Bay game and he has ingnited this defense. His speed and power are helping him overmatch Centers. Dorsey had special ability coming out of LSU, it is a welcome treat for those of us who love line play, to see him finally put it all to use.

The Niners play in primetime this Sunday night against the Houston Texans, our number 11 ranked offensive front. Mark my words, Houston will drop out of the top 15 after this matchup. The 49ers will be too much to handle, and they will generate a ton of presure. The Texans Derek Newton is one of the worst pass blocking right tackles I have seen in this league. The marquee matchup of the game will be Glenn Dorsey vs. Chris Myers. Myers is playing like one of the top centers in football this year, and as stated above Dorsey is on a redemption tour of sorts.