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Using our Offensive Hog Index and Defensive Hog Index, I will put up a weekly post breaking down what contributed to a teams success. Our indexes are easy to understand and use a mix of vital cold hard football facts to rank the best front's in football. 

After week one, the New England Patriots rank as the number one offensive line in football. They were a top ten team in every catergory we use, finishing 7th in RYA, 9th in NPP and 3rd in 3rd down percentage. Rushing yards per attempt is easy to understand, it's the average yards gained on a teams rushing attempts. Negative pass play percentage is the amount of drop backs that result in a sack or interception. Lastly is the most important, a team's success on third down. While not the best in any catergory, their average still came out on top. 

The Patriots offensive line completely dominated this game. Sebastian Volmer had an outstanding game from his RT spot, surrendering only 3 quarterback hurries for the pass happy Patriots. He consistently dominated his matchup whether run blocking or pass blocking, and played another strong game against a team he's fared well against the past few years. For all that Marcell Dareus did beating up Ryan Wendell he didn't get enough help as Nate Solder paired with Vollmer were just too much to handle for Buffalo. 

For New England to stay on top of these rankings Ryan Wendell must improve. For all that he provided in the run game, he had an awful day run blocking against Dareus. How much of his success in the run game can be contributed to his ability, or Dareus' bad fundamentals is yet to be seen. Dareus consistently displayed bad footwork throughout this game and Wendell took advantage. 

The top team in our Defensvie Hog Index was the Tennesse Titans. The Titans gave up the second least yards per rushing attempt in week one and added to that by by sporting the third best negative pass play percentage. They got big performances from Zach Brown and Jurrel Casey. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers were a lot of peoples pick in the off-season to be the team to come from nowhere and be a super bowl contender this year. If Marcus Gilbert continues to start at right tackle, you can squash any and all of that talk. He gave up two sacks and three hurries and the Titans continued to emberass him all game. Jurrell Casey had two sacks from his interior defensive line position, and if he continues to produce like that all year don't look for the Titans to drop much. You would like to think that if Pouncey stayed healthy all game this would have been a different outcome, but the Steelers looked overmatched from the start. If Kelvin Beachum is their answer at Center they are in for a long year. He was absolutely pitiful as a run blocker, and left a lot to be desired as a pass blocker too. 

My week two predictions are that you won't see either of these two teams in this position next week. The Patriots play the Jets on Thursday night, and have to deal with the third ranked team in our DHI. The matchup to watch in this game is how the Patriots will handle the New York Jets run stuffing Sheldon Richardson. On the flip side the Titans have to deal with the fourth ranked team in our OHI the Houston Texans. Duane Brown will be fired up to improve on one of the worst games I've seen him play in his career, and 6'5" 325lb Brandon Brooks will try to build on his slowly developing rep as one of the best run blocking guards in football.