By Michael P. Quinn

Cold, Hard Football Facts Specialist (@PJbleedsgreen)

It takes immense talent to play in the NFL. Whether they're the starting quarterback, or on the practice squad, they've got some talent.

For the best, life is good. They're paid the big bucks, and get all the time in the spotlight. Each player put in a lifetime of work to play football at a professional level, so why not enjoy the fame?

Well, for some, enjoying the fame is a little bit more than buying nice cars and going on exotic vacations.

Over the years, the NFL has seen some of it's best talent get caught up in a world of substance abuse. Whether it's drugs, drinking or trying to "corrupt a urine-sample" (that's a new one, Von) the football world has seen it's fair shair of party animals.

Of the dozens of NFL players who have been busted since the league began the substance abuse policy in 1987, who separated themselves as the biggest "influence"?

Let's take a look at the NFL's all-time substance abuse team: