The entire Cold, Hard Football Facts crew earned pats on the hunchback following the news that we were voted top sports site on the Web by

In fact, we dominated the category, earning more than one-quarter of the votes. The award capped a stellar first year for a site that was launched just six months ago. And just wait until you see the bionic Cold, Hard Football Facts we launch later this year. Rest assured, it's only a matter of time before we lord over the entire football world, like a drunk, ugly, overweight and pock-marked gridiron colossus.

Results from the "Best Sports Web Site" category can be read below. The entire list of awards can be seen here on The site also nominated our bloody, ruthless beating of discredited Boston Globe reporter Ron Borges as one of the top sports stories in Boston last year. However, we lost badly in this category. So maybe our mom is right. Maybe we do suck.

Best Sports Web Site (BSMW excluded)
Cold, Hard Football Facts (

Cold, Hard Football Facts took this prize thanks to the strength of their original analysis, which is often presented in a witty, entertaining way. Unlike many of the other football web sites, CHFF not only writes their opinions, but also backs them up with statistics, otherwise known as "Cold, Hard Football Facts." Because their opinions were based on raw data instead of clichés and generalities, CHFF often painted the eventual Super Bowl winners in a positive light while other outlets were spewed nonsense such as, "Peyton Manning can't be stopped!"

Not surprisingly, CHFF's support of the Patriots infuriated Ron Borges, leading to some great exchanges posted on their site (see here, here and here).

Other highlights included their development of a new prediction tool for playoff games ("Quality Wins" which would have made you wealthy if used to pick playoff winners) and a point-by-point dissection of a Skip Bayless column, where CHFF pointed out each instance of factual errors and faulty logic. I lost count at 132.

18% of the voters thought none of the above sites deserved a vote. I can only interpret this one way: These votes were protesting the fact that BSMW was ineligible.

Football Outsiders is another web site that looks beyond the traditional statistics to attempt to explain the outcomes of the NFL. Since its inception, this site has gained national attention from coaches and writers alike.

Sons of Sam Horn started out over five years ago as a Red Sox bulletin board, and has been commonly known for several years now. However, 2004 saw SOSH get even more attention than ever before with the addition of "Gehrig38" a.k.a. Curt Schilling. In the wake of Schilling joining the board, the site was closed to nonmembers for several weeks, as their server could not handle the increased traffic. SOSH was also at the center of a dustup between Schilling and the traditional media, who believed that any of Schilling's posts were "on the record" and fair game for Sox notebooks and articles; this storm has since subsided. SOSH is still the best place to go if you want to read discussion of how the Sox's 32nd round draft pick will fit into the rotation at Sarasota.

Also receiving votes were: Mike Reiss' Web Log, which offered a unique perspective on the Patriots; Mike Florio's Pro Football Talk, which updates its "Rumor Mill" daily;, a grassroots site dedicated to tracking the Patriots' salary cap information; and, a site which steps up weekly and gets it done. received zero votes. Not a single voter believed this site to be the best sports web site. Not one.

[Ed. Note: One of the creators of is a member in good standing of BSMW. will replace, which is more of a national site, on the public ballot.]