Bus Cook, we could have done without those comments. 

Cook, Brett Favre’s agent made comments eluding to the suggestion that Favre could come back right now and play, “better than a lot of them out there today.''  Cook goes on to say that Favre runs four or five miles a day, bikes 30-50 miles a day (really?), and is in the best physical shape he’s ever seen him in. 

Here we go. 

Could it be another Brett Favre comeback?  I’ve lost count of which comeback this would be, but when you think about it depending on which team picked him up, it couldn’t be much worse than what we’re seeing at the bottom of the NFL pile so far this season. 

Here are three teams that should think about giving Cook a call and a few other teams who should let go of the urge to give Favre a shot at another comeback.

No. 1  Jacksonville Jaguars

There is seriously too much talent at the skill positions on this team for them to be this bad.  Well, all of the skill positions accept quarterback.  If Maurice Jones-Drew could stay healthy he has shown that he can be a top running back in the league.  And maybe he could stay healthy if he didn’t have to be the play maker on every play.  But when you don’t have a signal caller who can move the ball through the air (and they don’t), then your running back is going to take a beating.  Favre would have some options to throw to also.  Cecil Shorts has the ability to do special things at wide receiver and I’m sure Justin Blackmon wouldn’t mind coming back from his suspension to catch passes from Favre.  And it’s not like the Jag fans wouldn’t embrace Favre.  This is a fan base who had some of their fans trying to get the organization to bring in Tim Tebow last week.  They would jump at the chance to have Favre for the short term while the Jaguars figure out what to do for the long term at quarterback.

No. 2  Minnesota Vikings

That whole Christian Ponder thing isn’t going to work.  And speaking of running backs who have to be the play maker on every play, hello Adrian Peterson.  While Peterson can actually produce highlights on every play, it’s going to catch up with him.  Teams are starting to stack the box and make the Vikings prove to them that they can consistently beat them with the pass, which they can’t.  This makes Peterson less and less of a threat; the defensive line is able to contain Peterson and the Vikings passing attack self-destructs.  The Vikings have some weapons in Jerome Simpson, Cordarrelle Patterson, and a familiar Favre target in Greg Jennings.  Favre has worn the Vikings purple before and he would fit well in it again.

No. 3  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s amazing to me that either the Bucanneers can’t or don’t want to figure out how to make Josh Freeman successful or that Freeman doesn’t want to be successful in the position that he is in with this team.  In previous seasons, Freeman has shown that he has the tools to at least be much better than he has shown so far this season.  But if the outcome of the Bucs games continues to go the way that they are going, it wouldn’t hurt for them to give Favre a try.  There is so much wasted talent on this team.  Doug Martin is a young stud at running back.  Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson are more than capable of producing points for this team.  It would be beneficial, not only for the present, but for the near future for the Bucs to give Favre a call.  By bringing Favre in they could try and get something in a trade for Freeman, but also would be able to give up and coming quarterback Mike Glennon a future Hall of Fame quarterback to learn from.  Yeah, I know the last time Favre had an understudy there was some tension (hello Aaron Rodgers), but Favre isn’t in the same position now as he was then.  With the Packers he was trying to hold off the young guy for as long as he could.  If he were to come back now, it would be for the fun of it. 

And here are a few teams who might get the urge to give Favre a shot, but should really just wait it out.

Cleveland Browns:  The Browns will be conducting the first ever Cleveland Browns 2014 NFL Invitational Draft where they will pick an entire new roster with all of the picks that they have stocked up and will likely sign a franchise quarterback.  Brian Hoyer will have to do for the rest of the season (which might actually work.  Did you see him last Sunday?).

New York Jets:  Why would you want to play for the Jets?  Everyone on that team seems to be happy with the amazing 2-1 mess they are in.  Don’t fool yourself Jets fans, they aren’t that good.  Favre has been there and done that.

New York Giants:  Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin won’t be this bad the whole season.  No way they would even think of looking for another quarterback, especially Favre.

Oakland Raiders:  Terrelle Pryor is actually more exciting to watch than Favre would be.  There isn’t enough Favre magic to fix the Raiders.