Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez were college roommates in college and had the oportunity to be teammates again in New England until Hernandez was charged with murder.  They will be connected because of their tremendous careers at the University of Florida, where they were roommates. But now one has to wonder if at some point Tebow will replace his roommate at Hernandez's vacated position.

The Hernandez story has rocked the NFL as well as the mainstream media. Everyone is wondering how can a guy who had it all, possibly commit the ultimate act of taking someone's life. Hernandez was a rising star and this season, the New England Patriots were going to rely on him more especially because of the uncertantity of Rob Gronkowski's health. The sad tale of his story is that his former roommate was just brought into the Patriots orginization to restart his career. Tim Tebow, after being cut by the New York Jets, was brought in as the Patriots third quarterback. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was quoted its great to have such a good and spirtual person like Tebow on the team. One is led to believe Patriots knew that bringing in Tebow could possibly help keep Hernandez on the straight and narrow. Tebow had tried before.

Anyone who has been around sports teams, understand that coaches pair particular players together in hopes that the disciplined will help assist in keeping the undisciplined in line. The pairing of Tebow and Hernandez in Florida proves that. It was reported by the Orlando Sentinel, that while at Florida, Tebow tried to keep Hernandez in line when the tight end did not want to pay for a drink and subsequently broke a bouncer's ear drum. Does it seem odd that the clean cut Tebow was at a nightclub? Tebow was there to keep Hernandez out of trouble. Tom Brady reportedly told Tebow after their playoff win that Hernandez was "a lot to handle.' One can make the case that the Patriots brought Tebow in a few weeks too late, especially if the move was meant to rein Hernandez in. 

The next time the roommates meet there will be glass between them. No more talk of last minute heroics in Gainesville or in Foxborough. There will be no discussion on how to run a play or what coverage the defense was in. No these two roommates can only wonder what could have been if the undisciplined actually followed after the disciplined and turned his life around.