The Harbaugh brothers meet in Super Bowl XLVII. Here's a breakdown of where each coach holds an advantage.

Head Coaching Experience
Between San Diego University, Stanford, and San Francisco in the NFL, Jim Harbaugh has been a head coach for nine years. John Harbaugh has only been a head coach for four years, but I give John the edge because all four years were as an NFL head coach.

Defensive Minded
Jim was a quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines and the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, and Carolina Panthers. As a coach, Jim was quarterbacks coach before moving to head coach. While brother Jim has no defensive experience as a coach or player, John played as a defensive back for Miami of Ohio University, a defensive backs coach for Indiana University, and defensive backs coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the media calling him a special teams coach, I give John the edge on the defensive side.

John Harbaugh is usually a laid back head coach, while brother Jim needs to stay away from coffee. The difference in this-which team can respond better if the other takes a large lead? The Baltimore Ravens aren't made to comeback from a large deficit, but coach Jim Harbaugh gives the San Francisco 49ers the edge because of his personality.

Colin Kaepernick's mind set gives the Forty Niners the emotional edge. It's one thing to have a head coach with some swagger, but Kaepernick still doesn't understand the magnitude of where he's at. He acts like he's out their just having fun. This kind of mind set gives Jim Harbaugh's team the edge.

The Outcome
While the San Francisco 49ers are a wide open team, the Baltimore Ravens with Ray Lewis on side and "The Blind Side" on the other are just too physical for the Niners. John Harbaugh wins over his brother.


Sweetheart's Stuff   

This is simple. As a mother, I know Jim will win.

He's the baby brother. Even if he looes, John will tell him that he has won. Either way, Jim Wins!!!