Gregg Williams Gregg Williams is back in the NFL after spending a season in the NFL's purgatory for the bounty-gate scandal.

The Tennessee Titans are looking to improve upon one of the most point generous defensive units from a season ago that set an NFL benchmark in points allowed.

Williams will team-up with former coaching partner, Jerry Gray.

Williams' official role is titled as 'senior assistant defensive coach' and is hoping to bring back some of the tenacity that saw the Titans surge to the Super Bowl during the 1999-2000 season.

Williams will be acting in a more delegatory role with the Titans during 2013. Many believe that if Gray performs as he did last season, Williams will overtake his position. Williams has a long history with the Oilers/Titans franchise (10 seasons, 1990-2000) many fans see him as the savior of the Titans defense.

Chris Dyer of Chattanooga said "Williams might have an issue hanging over his head (bounty-gate) but I believe he can help this defense rise again."

Tyler Newman of Nashville said "The Titans' defense was awful last season, Williams and Gray want to blitz more, it should be good for the secondary, and get Tommy Campbell out there!"

There are several opinions about how successful the tandem of Williams and Gray can be, but it is not like they have a lot to worry about, they can only get better. The Titans surely won't have another record-setting season.

Williams is said to be in favor of new rookie draftee Blidi Wreh-Wilson. According to the Tennessean, Williams wants to bring him in on several different types of blitz-packages and wants to see him be a force on those third-and-short situations the Titans failed on time and time again last season.

The Titans focused on getting meaner and bigger along the defensive line during the offseason, according to Mike Munchak, they have succeeded. The acquisition of big man Sammy-Lee Hill adds size in the middle, whilst the defensive end position remains an area of concern, player like Karl Klug can slot in to fill in where needed.

Last season, the Titans were one of the worst teams at stopping opponents on 3rd-down. According to the Titans defensive 3rd-down units allowed 39.72 percent of all attempts to be successfully completed, ranking them 22nd in the NFL.

Will the bigger bodies help stop opposing units on 3rd-and-short? We will get the answer to that in time, for now, Gray and Williams need to stuff the middle. Albert Haynesworth was the last real big body they had in the middle when the Titans found success as a defensive unit in 2008, the last time they went to the playoffs.

Whilst Gray is the incumbent defensive co-ordinator in Tennessee, Williams is said to have more of a covert power as to how the plays will be called in Tennessee this season. Expect to see a lot of quarterback hurries down in Nashville this season as Williams and Gray try to get the Titans back in a competitive way, defensively at least.