Greg Schiano The idea of a fiery football coach with a military mentality only works for some NFL head coaches.

It does not work for Greg Schiano.

The current Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach is embroiled in controversy after controversy as the year continues to unravel in southwest Florida.

He released the quarterback who started the season for him, is alleged to have leaked information concerning Josh Freeman’s health, and has a team that has not won a single game this season.

The team is also dealing with MRSA and the possible mutiny that could have taken place amongst the players and team.

Schiano is not a Tom Coughlin-like coach, so the odds on him retaining his job are slim and none and slim has about done gone. It looks like the Buccaneers will be looking for a new head coach and coaching staff after the 2013-14 season.

Here are five reasons the Buccaneers need to look elsewhere.

Too much damage already done

When you are on television across the country and the topic of several SportsCenter shows, that is not a good move for a coach in his second season. I am not sure Lane Kiffin was under this much scrutiny by Al Davis.

Even with Josh Freeman off the team and in Minnesota, there are still questions, but no one if giving any answers.

He has lost the locker room

Any time there is a divide in the team and the organization, a lot has to do with the solidarity of the locker room. Schiano threw Freeman under a bus and while Freeman is no longer in Tampa Bay, players just don’t forget those things.

Also, Schiano’s temper and his drive is not conducive to a team that is currently 0-6. Back in the day, Tom Coughlin was the same way with the Jaguars and Giants. Finally, he learned to back off a bit and the team in New York won two Super Bowls.

Schiano is truly a college coach.

Lovie Smith

There may be as many as five head coaching vacancies in the NFL this offseason. Lovie Smith will get one of those openings and hopefully Tampa Bay.

Smith is a great defensive mind and shaped in the mold of his mentor - Tony Dungy.

Dungy was one of the best - if not the best head coach in this team’s history. It is only a coach from his tree makes Tampa Bay his new homes.

This team has a chance to be good

The pieces are there. Solid draft picks. A solid secondary. The running game that could be one of the best in football. A quarterback who looks the part. Everything could be there. There just needs to be a person to motivate the players.

Schiano was not this team’s first choice when it hired a coach last season. It looked like an ill-advised fit then and it looks bad now.

Players will want out

I thought the oddest thing about the Bucs this offseason was the fact newly signed free agent Darrelle Revis had a sit down meeting with Schiano before the season to make sure everyone was on the same page. Come on man! There was writing on the wall just how combustible this situation could be.

If Schiano stays and the Glazers give him a vote of confidence, look for a mass exodus by this team.