Every NFL season is full of surprises.  Team performance can vary wildly from year to year, earning the NFL the nickname "Not For Long" League.

The Packers are usually immune to this trend.  They usually have the same coach and GM for a decade or more, which brings team unity and success.  Even in this time of heavy turnover, they have a GM (Ted Thompson) that joined them in 2005, and has spent 15 of the last 20 years in their organization.  Their head coach (Mike McCarthy) was hired in 2006, and shows no signs of being fired anytime soon.

The Seahawks, however, are still building.  They brought in a free agent QB, only to bench him for a promising rookie.  Their head coach was hired in 2010, and has failed to bring them a winning record (although he did lead them to the only playoff victory by a team with a losing team).  They have shown signs of life, beating a talented Dallas Cowboys team </a> that is going to have a big week, and almost beating the Cardinals in Arizona, who went on to pull out a win against the defending AFC champions.

The Packers are traveling to Seattle for this game.  The crowd noise is always ridiculous, perhaps only matched by the Superdome in New Orleans.  For a Monday night game, against one of the biggest teams in the league, and coming off an upset over the Cowboys, it should be even bigger, and will cause the Packers to commit 8 false starts during the course of the game.

I would put more, but the Packers do have a lot of team chemistry, and should know each other well enough to negate some of the crowd noise.

That chemistry has formed an unpredictable offense, with second year players sometimes stepping up to have big games.  However, the Seattle defense has a great secondary, even down to the nickel corner, and should be in great shape to limit the Green Bay offense.  The leading receiver for the Packers will be Jordy Nelson, who will have a mere 50 yards.

Jermichael Finley has never lived up to his potential, and Cedric Benson is not a great receiver out of the backfield.  While the Cowboys could have pulled out the game had Jason Witten not been rusty, the Packers are built more around receivers, a position easily handled by the Seahawks.

Of course, the Packers defense is built to play with a lead.  When the Packers score early, their defense can play hyper aggressive and cause turnovers or force long second and third downs.  Without that lead, and with a fired up crowd behind him, Marshawn Lynch will wind up running for 150 yards.  He has the talent, even if he doesn't have the blocking, and the Packers don't have the familiarity they had with the Bears.  Their run defense will be exposed, just like Week 1.

These factors will add up to the boldest prediction of them all (and yes, I am cheating and adding a fourth bold prediction).  The Seahawks will stun the nation on Monday night, and beat the Packers 27-14.

Tell your friends, place some bets with them.  When you turn out to be right, you'll look like a genius.

Before you go on Facebook (RGDSports@yahoo.com) and Twitter (@RGDSports) to tell the author it's easy to predict a repeat of last week, consider this- </a http://www.footballnation.com/content/dallas-cowboys-vs-seattle-seahawks-three-bold-predictions/17005/ >he saw last week's game coming.</a>

He also predicts that he will give you a cookie if you can name the team on his hat (unless you gave the hat to him).