Bruce Irvin Between last year's league MVP and this year's rookie star, many expected there to be fireworks in this Monday night matchup, but I don't think anyone expected this.

Seahawks dominated the first half, mainly due to their defense holding the Packers to zero points in the first half.

The second half was a different story as the Packers gained some momentum and starting moving the ball down the field, but having to settle for field goals on two of their three scoring drives.

This game came down to the very last play, and unless you live under a rock you've heard about it. The game ended with what was ruled a touchdown catch by Golden Tate, but after replays upon replays, many people believe it was in fact an interception by Green Bay defensive back, M.D. Jennings.

After review, the touchdown stood and the Seahawks stole a victory, but there is uncertainty as to whether it was actually a touchdown or if it was an interception. The NFL is expected to release a statement regarding the controversy Tuesday afternoon or evening.

No matter which way the play had worked out, the replacement officials would've caught a lot of heat regardless. Many stars were on the field last night, but only few shined bright (hint: the refs weren't one of them).

Heroes: Everyone knew that Seattle has a good defense, but in last night's game they really impressed as they accounted for eight sacks. The Seahawks' first round pick from this year's Draft, Bruce Irvin,  showed monstrous ability in the pass rush. He plain overpowered Packers' right tackle and former first round pick out of Iowa, Brian Bulaga, tallying two sacks on the night.

On Irvin's first sack, he was ironically reminiscent of former Packers' great Reggie White as he clubbed Bulaga out of his war path with a single forearm. Although it was a very impressive night for the rookie, it was his teammate and fellow defensive-lineman who stole the show.

Defensive end Chris Clemons had a career-best four sacks in the second quarter against Green Bay. Clemons even beat being held by Marshall Newhouse to sack Aaron Rodgers. It's been said that Seattle may have the next really great front seven in the NFL, and after last night it's not hard to believe.

Although the final drive for Seattle was more of a circus than a definitive winning drive, it's hard not to give praise to Seattle's rookie quarterback, Russell Wilson. Wilson, who started the preseason as third on the depth chart before fighting his way to the top, showed monumental poise as he kept his cool and drove his team down the field to score the winning touchdown.

Say what you want about the last play of the game, Russell Wilson was impressive and put his team in the best position to win against a stiff NFC powerhouse.

Zeroes: The Packers' offense struggled tremendously, only posting 12 points against this tough Seattle defense. Aaron Rodgers had defenders in his face every play, and Cedric Benson did not do much to help him.

Benson had a tough time picking up the pass rush and an even tougher time gaining yards, as he rushed 17 times for 45 yard, a disappointing 2.6 yards per carry average. Although Benson did score the only touchdown for Green Bay last night, he is surely not performing at the level that Mike McCarthy and the front office had hoped for when they signed him.

The biggest zero of last night was the Packers' offensive line. They couldn't block someone on Facebook, much less the Seahawks' pass rush. Rodgers had to continuously scramble and move out of the pocket to get anything going on offense for the Pack, and I lost count of the amount of times Cedric Benson got stuffed for no gain. Rough night offensively for Green Bay.