Both teams have been inconsistant this year.  

Both teams have proven potential with stellar wins -- this is marred however, with head scratching losses.

This is a big game indeed, as both teams come in at 3-3, while both of their respective divisions are competitive in 2012.

Considering both teams have been erratic, I found two trends that have been constant. Not only has Green Bay lost then won through the first 6 games of the year, the Rams are 3-0 on their home turf.  

Logically, Green Bay is in sequence to lose, while the Rams are home and should win.  Favor to the Rams.

So the game will be played Sunday.  Will the trends continue, or will they be shaken up.  There's a lot at stake in this on as the Rams would remain 1 game behind the 49ers, while the Packers could find themselves 3 back of Chicago