Mike McCarthyI've always been impressed with Mike McCarthy. It is true, the man has a knack to run offenses and get the most out of his quarterbacks.  

However, McCarthy has not only proven he's a winner on the football field, he's a winner at the bigger picture, the game known as life.

Since taking the head coach position in Green Bay in 2006, there have been ups and downs.

There was drama in Green Bay when the Packers decided to move on with their most prized possession in decades in the form of Brett Favre.

McCarthy wasn't fazed.

Since 2006, the Packers have tallied a regular season record of 64-32.  

This is in large part because of the solid anchor he has been for a franchise that looked to be going down. It hasn't always looked good for McCarthy, whose team finished the 2008 campaign a dismal 6-10.  

This man is resilient, and since that year, the Packers have gone 37-14, including a Championship in 2010.

Bring in 2012, a year with heightened expectations, a team coming off a 15-1 regular season from a year ago. Mike's team is now 1-2 in their first three games. Drama has evolved again in Green Bay, where his team thought they were victorious, but I can guarantee Coach McCarthy's demeanor is no different.

Mike still isn't fazed.

After Monday's game, McCarthy was clear about two things. First, he believed the final play to be an interception, but secondly, he stated that it was an opportunity. He went on to say, "This is a different situation then we've been in. Great opportunity to show our character."

He also made it clear to the media and his team that nothing can be assumed, and nothing is owed, not in pro football, not in life. McCarthy said, "This is the NFL, you aren't owed anything. You are given and you tolerate. I agreed that I thought it was INT."

McCarthy will still get the most out of his players.

Let the past be history, move forward and focus on the next battle was McCarthy's message, "The team knows how I feel about everything that happened, and the path moving forward. We're focused on Saints game, we looking forward to it."

This man has a unique ability to focus solely on the job at hand, while minimizing anything that may distract his guys from their tasks at hand.

I look forward to seeing how the Packers respond to this adversity. So does McCarthy. He stated, "Love emotion, not self-pity. We are about New Orleans. They are a good team, good players. Everyone has challenges."

The challenge this week is to defeat the New Orleans Saints.