FinleyAaron Rodgers not a leader?

I know what you’re thinking it sounds absurd right?

Well not according to Jermichael Finley’s agent, Blake Baratz.

After the Bears game last week Baratz tweeted some negative comments about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's postgame press conversation.

"Jay Cutler, you serious in your press conference last night? You sound like a six-year-old who just had his animal crackers taken. Quit being a [expletive], own up," Baratz tweeted.

He added, "There's a major difference & drop off in leadership from Manning, Brees, Brady, to the next best QBs in the league. Cutler doesn't get it."

So we see we know he does not believe Cutler is a leader, which I have same opinion so no big deal right?

Well here is where the guy lost his head. When asked why he left out Aaron Rodgers (His client's quarterback) Baratz said, "A-Rod is a great QB, he isn't a great leader. There's a major difference. Leaders take the blame & make everyone better. He doesn't."

Wow this guy has about as much of a grip on reality as his client has had with balls  thrown his way the first two weeks.

I like Finley; I think he could be a beast. He is big, strong, and fast. But the problem is he, and apparently his agent, just don’t get it!

Finley was drafted as a diamond in the rough who had to learn the pro game and mature. In his rookie year he criticized  Rodgers for not putting the ball just where he liked it. After that stunt he was headed straight for Mike McCarthy’s dog house and for rest of year never escaped.

But maybe the most puzzling thing is not Finley here but his agent. Why would you openly criticize your client's quarterback, and since when do obscure agents mouth out about quarterbacks?

Now comes the craziest part of this, saying that Rodgers is not a leader. This guy has had to endure a lot and every step of the way he has done it with utmost class. He has never said a negative sound bite about Brett Favre, never openly complained about being asked about the former great.

Mike McCarthy has talked time and time again about Rodgers leadership and hard work. This is the same guy on draft day who had to sit in the green room and watch others name called over and over, but still kept a smile on and stayed positive.

He waited behind Favre took to all of McCarthy’s  tutoring and worked tirelessly on his footwork and mechanics. And with all the hard work and determination to become an MVP. Ahh, those pesky little tweets, they will get you every time.