Greg JenningsGreg Jennings has officially called off negotiations for a contract extension.

The two sides have talked during off season but have not really gone anywhere. Jennings wants to concentrate on the activities on field.

We have seen this show before, but usually it’s our Brew Crew who cannot fiscally afford to cash up the mega bucks for their stars.

In this case the Packers have a different dilemma; four stars contract’s coming due in the coming years.

Jennings' contract is up at the end of this season. Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji both have expiring contracts after the 2013 season and Rodgers will expire after 2014. So it seems as if Ted Thompson has drafted to well with so many of his top draft picks becoming stars. None of them will have to be worried how there 401k is performing any time soon.

So now Thompson and the front office have to figure out there game plan of keeping these stars in the Green & Gold.

Jennings will be the first star due his cash and will be one of  the best free agents in this class. The Packers plan has always extended there up and coming stars when they still have two years remaining on their contracts.

T.J. Lang just signed a five-year extension before the season. The Packers did that same thing with Jennings in 2009 signing him to a four year extension. But this time it seems as if he will become free to look around a bit.

The Packers in the past have quietly continued to work with players agent’s and get deal’s done during the season so that is a possibility.

They will also have an open window to negotiation at the end of the season and before free agency starts. One thing is for sure, however, in the next couple of years the Packers will have to open up that big G wallet and bring out the Benjamins.