Donald DriverPackers' fans throughout the world were excited and relieved when Donald Driver made the agreement to return for yet another season.

He has been a face of the franchise. Extremely productive, and one of the most likable people in the history of football.

The fear was that he was only back for peripheral reasons.

To help the young guys along and at best be a security blanket for MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Week 1 against San Francisco those fears seemed very real. 

Driver participated in only three offensive snaps. That was kind of sad.

He is a proud guy. Accepting a role as the team mascot and cheerleader had to be gut-wrenching.

Fast forward to Thursday night. A huge game on an enormous stage. There he was streaking down the center of the field, catching an important 26-yard pass and crossing the goal line for the 61st time in his career.

Then came the little dance and the Donald Driver smile.

For a frame of reference hall of fame wide receiver Lynn Swann scored 53 career touchdowns.

Gven the way the game has changed, Driver will probably need to settle for the Packers' Hall of Fame. He is at least in the conversation though and that is impressive.

In this game you can also find evidence that Driver will have a continued if not expanded opportunity this season. 

James Jones blew his route that caused the late Rodgers interception. He nearly lost his mind and got in Jones' cool aid. It was warranted.

Even if Driver is no longer special athletically he is dependable.

I can see a time when the quarterback will prefer Driver to be on the field in a real big spot. Superstars like Rodgers often have a vote.

This is not the last big touchdown you will see from no. 80.