This win for the Packers is more proof that their slow start to the season is nothing to worry about and they are back in the running for the Super Bowl.  

On the other side, this loss for the Cardinals also proved something about their fast start to the season, it was a fluke.  After starting the season 4-0, the Cardinals have since lost five straight games and are no longer in contention to make the playoffs.

Even without an outstanding amount of total yards, Aaron Rodgers is the clear hero of the game for the Packers.  Rodgers was efficient all game long as he went 14-for-30 passing with 218 yards and four touchdowns.  

When Rodgers wasn't sitting in the pocket ready to throw another first down pass, he was also a key contributor on the ground for the Packers.  Overall he rushed a total of eight times for 33 yards with a long of 25 yards.  

But hidden in those stats are the two key runs he had in the same drive that included the 25-yarder and another run that went for a first down.

Just as Rodgers was able to lead the Packers to a 6-3 record, Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals did a good job making sure the Cardinals continued their five game losing streak.  Peterson, who has turned into a shut down corner back this year, didn't hurt his team while covering receivers, instead he did so with his lack to return punts and hold onto the football.

Peterson, the clear zero this week for the Cardinals,  made the Pro-Bowl last year as a punt returner. This week however he was held to just four return yards on four returns. In addition to failing to give his team a spark on special teams, Peterson also fumbled the ball twice in the game, one of which was recovered by Green Bay.

Inconsistency once again kept the Cardinals from winning as today they did a good job passing the ball on offense, but also a terrible job stopping Aaron Rodgers from passing on their supposed top notch defense.