Cheeseheads have no idea what to expect this playoff season.

It's been feast or famine the last couple years for their Green Bay Packers.

The 2011 Pack was undefeated much of the year, won 14 games and got spanked at Lambeau Field in the first round of the NFL playoffs. In short they choked away a golden opportunity.

The 2010 Packers qualified on the last day of the season barely getting the sixth and final seed in the NFC playoffs. Then they went on two win three straight road games before defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers for a Super Bowl championship.

This year? They won the NFC North Division. Then blew a first round bye in the playoffs on the last day of the season. Sort of in between where they were the last two seasons.

Expect the same result in the playoffs. Somewhere in between a Super Bowl and a first round choke job.