Jeremy Mincey - DE - Denver Broncos - Contract: 2 years, $3 million(1st year cap hit $1.25 million)

Mincey has had a solid career for being a former 6th round pick, the Cowboys are hoping he can be a solid addition in a more rotational deployment than relying on the star power of DeMarcus Ware.  Micey is a stout player who can hold his own on the left side to play both the run and the pass.  When Mincey has been able to play the full season, he averages about 5 sacks and that was on some poor Jaguar teams.  Mincey's job is not to replace Ware by himself hence the $8.75 million dollar difference. Grade: C


Henry Melton - DT - Chicago Bears - Contract: 1 year with 3 year $24 million option(1st year cap hit $1.734 million)

The Cowboys let Jason Hatcher test the market and he came out with a 4 year $27.5 million dollar deal which includes a $9 million dollar signing bonus.  If the Cowboys pick up the option he will get a $9 million guarantee as well, but Melton is a lot younger than Hatcher.  If the Cowboys swing and miss, they are only out $1.734 million, if they hit a home run on Melton, he makes the same money as Hatcher with incentives and the club option.  If that's not enough of a deal, the $9 million guaranteed option in 2015 can easily be converted to bonus money and free up space next year if needed without a huge detriment.  Grade: B+


Terrell McClain - DT - Houston Texans - Contract: 3 years $3.05 million(1st year cap hit $850K)

The Cowboys are betting they can develop a gem in McClain at the one technique with the coaching of Rod Marinelli.  McCaline has similar measurables to Jay Ratliff playing our of position in a 3-4 nose tackle fit.  At only 25 years old, McClain can team with Melton for the next 3 years as a stout unit inside.  Grade C+


Brandon Weeden - QB - Cleveland Browns - Contract: 2 years $1.23 million(1st year cap hit $570K)

The Browns officially have blown their two 1st round selections a couple years ago, but with Kyle Orton mulling retirement, the Cowboys are hoping the Browns loss is their gain.  The difference in salary would be dramatic if Weeden can close the gap between him and Orton enough for the Cowboys to make a move, with Weeden's age, they can still explore QB options in the draft.  Grade: C+


The Cowboys have done a solid job of adding 4 players for under $5 million dollars in cap space, they should have two quality starters to their defensive line along with a solid rotational player for the unit.  Weedn should give them some flexibility and option at their backup QB position, if Orton does call it quits they have a decent backup at a much cheaper price.

With the Cowboys showing patience they have come out of the start with a solid group, they still need to potentially replace the breakdown on the Will Herring signing for another linebacker would be nice and they have plenty of room to possibly add a veteran receiver to replace Austin, but be able to not stunt the growth of Terrance Williams.